european maine coon

What would you feel if you see a thin cat along the streets scavenging for food? Would you stop and offer the cat food? Or will you provide the cat your home?

If your soft side nudges you to take the animal home, then you are doing it for a good cause. Adoptio can be an option in this case, but this is a process. It is a process where you will be taking the responsibility in sheltering a pet which was previously owned by someone. Animals subject for adoption are also abandoned animals. The role of the new owner is essential as to how the cat will survive its new

Once the adoption was facilitated, this may lead to breeding that kind of cat. Breeding felines have a broad market all over the world. The breeder can have a hobby and a business at the same time.
Breeding cats can make someone earn the right amount of money.

If ever a person considers adopting a cat or multiplying a breed, European Maine Coon cats are recommended. These cats belong to the European Maine Coon cats family as their name suggests.
Below are some facts that will help a possible adoptive parent or breeder in appreciating this breed.


european maine coon cats
european maine coon cats

The name Maine was taken from one of the states of the USA which is Maine. This breed is a favorite breed around the globe and has the largest kind of domesticated cats. The interbreeding with the raccoons is still a controversy up to this time.

All types of European Maine Coon cats are broad, with significant structures of bones, with thick coats, and with long bushy tails. They have high cheekbones and a square face. These cats are perceived to be intelligent with dog-like characteristics. The average weight among males is 13 to 18 lbs while among females is 8-12 lbs. An adult can reach up to 16 inches tall.

The European Maine Coons are bred in Europe as the name suggests. This type of Maine Coons has stronger muzzle and chin. They have this signature Lynx-like looking ears or tall, big ears. Their eyes are almond-shaped which reveals an exotic look. Compared to American Maine Coon, Europeans have this ‘wild look’. All types of Colonies have similar features, but you’ll come to differentiate a European to the other Cooniesonce you try to observe them.


european maine coon breeders
european maine coon breeders

There are European Maine Coon breeders who are the typical cat lovers at the start and eventually turned into businessmen and women with their village of European Maine Coons. If a person wants to take breeding cats as a hobby or as a source of income, he/she must foresee first what appearance he/she would like his/her cats to have. The first thing to recognize is what breed of cat is most appealing to him/her.

A breeder online mentioned that the cat’s temperament is dependent on how it was bred. European maine coon breeders are like the typical felines which can be playful and naughty at times. The breeder can prepare them to sit on someone’s lap, linger on one’s feet, sit on the sofa bed, and many other routines. The breeder grooms the cats to what he/she wants them to be.

There is this technical term in cattery which means the breeder prepares the felines towards adoption. This stage is called window of socialization which only lasts from 2 to 7 weeks of age. During this stage, cats are being prepared to be with a new family. If the breeder sees that the cat is not yet ready, the weaning may extend up to 12 weeks. The breeders ensure that the cats are in good condition before they are entrusted to their new homes.

Online sites and land-based facilities provide easy transaction in purchasing a cat. Some breeders have the following offers upon buying a cat to make it more enticing among possible customers:
• free delivery of the pet;
• copy of their vet issued Health Certificate;
• One year Health Guarantee;
• series of deworming to prevent internal parasites; and
• vaccination.

Upon buying the cat, it is already up to the owner if the animal will be vaccinated with Rabies vaccine when the kitten is 12 weeks old or older. The one-year Health Guarantee ensures that the owner can

inform the breeder about the case in which possible hereditary or genetic defects ended the kitten’s life earlier than expected. Feedbacks to the breeders are essential, so they can improve their breeding process.

And it is also good to note that European kittens are sold as family pets which means owners do not have breeding rights. One may start breeding a cat family by adopting one from the shelters or rescue groups. The adopted cat can be the start of a cat lover’s good fortune.

Further on Adoption

Adopted european maine coon
Adopted european maine coon

Adopting a cat is worthy of emulation, and your future business may start here. Consider adoption by searching the net and look for online adoption sites. These sites offer felines of different breeds, of different sizes and behaviors, and varied history. But one must need to look out if the site is licensed to avoid fraud.

The adoption process European Maine Coon breeders ensure that the cat must have a secured, safe, and will be provided with a new home. The process will determine if the new owner will be responsible enough to take care of a feline. At times, the new owner will be given training or behavioral challenges especially if the cat was abused and neglected.

A forever home is what a cat desires. This is where the animal will feel loved and taken care of. Hopefully, every cat owner will provide homes forever to these felines. Adopting a cat is like taking care of your children where you need to give them their basic needs like food, shelter, and other intangible things like love and care.

It is not easy to adapt and breed cats. It takes so much responsibility, but if your heart says Yes to these, why not give a try! You come to fulfill your hobby and at the same time contribute to the procreation of the feline family!