American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) Breed

The American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) was formed in 1955 by a group of Cat Fanciers seeking greater flexibility in the development of cats, the activities of cat lovers and greater freedom for growth and …

Fife breed standard Maine Coon

All cats shown at exhibitions arranged after FIFEs rules are judged by the FIFE breed standard for Maine Coons described beneath.

General appearance:

The breed is largely framed with a square outline of the head, …

Hunt For Big Cat The search for Victoria’s elusive

Hunt for big cats, including cougars, panthers or pumas, in Victoria, begins after decades of reported sightings.

The search for Victoria’s elusive big cats is back on.

Just weeks after it shelved plans to solve …

Maine Coon Rescue – Where to Look?

List of Maine Coon Cat Rescue Organisations:

Maine Coon Rescue (MCR) is a nationwide network of volunteers who share one love, Our Beloved Maine Coon Cats. MCR’s mission is:

  • To rescue abused, abandoned, surrendered and