Maine Coon Health

It’s very important to take care of Health of a Maine Coon Cat. Usually, Maine coon Cats are suffered by Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), an attack on the heart.

How Much Is A PolyDactyl Cat Worth

Most pet lovers look for something different in the animal that they take care of. They want their pets to have something that is unique, unusual, or a peculiar trait perhaps. This will be made …

What are Maine Coon Allergies? | Mainecooncompanion

Maine Coon Allergies, Maine Coons are well-loved for a million various purposes. They’re not only adorable and friendly. They also have established wellness advantages for their owners and their families. Having a cat at home has given a great number …

Maine Coon Breeder Health | mainecooncompanion

Although the Maine Coon breeder health is a tough and sturdy, like all breeds it is susceptible to a range of genetic diseases and disorders. The most dangerous disease

suffered by Maine Coons is Feline …

Maine Coon Rescue – Where to Look?

List of Maine Coon Cat Rescue Organisations:

Maine Coon Rescue (MCR) is a nationwide network of volunteers who share one love, Our Beloved Maine Coon Cats. MCR’s mission is:

  • To rescue abused, abandoned, surrendered and

Royal Canin Maine Coon Food

If your particular brand of Maine Coon Food does not include all of the necessary healthy ingredients, talk to your vet about supplements that can be given in addition to dry food. One of the …