How Much Is A PolyDactyl Cat Worth

Most pet lovers look for something different in the animal that they take care of. They want their pets to have something that is unique, unusual, or a peculiar trait perhaps. This will be made possible if one will take a polydactyl cat at home. This cat is not the typical cat that you know lets see the How Much Is a Polydactyl Cat Worth.

Normally, a cat possesses 18 toes – 5 toes for the front feet and 4 toes at the back. But a polydactyl cat is a special cat. They can have 19  and above toes. According to the records, the most number of toes recorded as of the moment is 28. This figure came from Guinness Book of Records. The extra toes may be found at the front paws or at the back.

There are names which these cats are known for.

They are commonly called mitten-toed cats, cats with thumbs, Hemingway cats, and many others. Their names suggest who they are. These cats seem to be large in size but what makes them appear big is the fact that they have big paws because of their extra toes. Their paws make them look like boxers for they seem to have boxing gloves.

Polydactyl is not a new breed of cats

These cats do not belong to a specific breed actually. This is because polydactyl cats behavior can happen in almost all breeds of cat. Having many toes is the  distinguishing feature that makes these cats peculiar.

Polydactyl cats are actually results of genetic anomaly. The extra toes can be attributed to the genes of the cat and science can explain why this anomaly happens. This occurrence can actually occur to other living organisms just like when a human being is born with an extra finger in his/her left or right finger, or sometimes both. This does not make a person less, but it can be his/her distinguishing mark. This is the same with this type of cats.

These cats, though their name is a bit unfamiliar to many, are not that difficult to deal with. If you want to try taking a polydactyl cat in your room as a pet, you can consider the price.

The Price

Online, polydactyl cat fact range from an average of 300 USD to 500 USD. This is a reasonable  cost for a pet with a distinguishing and peculiar characteristic. A pet owner gets to have a cat breed of his/her choice and take a polydactyl cat at the same time.

Aside from that the owner needs not to spend much in health care services. These cats are not prone to diseases and with that, visits to the veterinary clinics are avoided. This will save the owner some amount of money.

These cats call for minimal maintenance which means another savings on the part of the  cat lover. One gets to take care of a unique cute feline with a reasonable everyday expenses. It is only up to the owner if he/she will make extra pampering to his/her pet.

The Good Qualities

Considering the price and the savings that you can have in maintaining a polydactyl, you are not at the loosing end. Aside from the reasonable price,  these cats have distinct qualities that will entice you to take them home. The following may guide cat lover in deciding to pamper this type of feline.

  • Their personalities  resemble mostly of that of the Maine Coon cats. So if you are already familiar with this breed, taking care of these cats is not a problem. You can also take a polydactyl one for that matter.
  • The special toes do not hinder them from doing what other breeds do. In fact, their extra toes help them in opening cabinets, in picking things up, and other tricks where they can make use of their extra toes. This will make the pet owner proud of his/her pet.
  • They have the normal behavior of the breed that they originally have. Approximately, around 50% of their original breed is being inherited by these mitten-toed cats. A cat lover needs not to research more about the grooming of this kind since they resemble the typical breeding that cat lovers are already familiar with.
  • They are generally playful and friendly. They are nice with children and they can be sweet with adults. Cat lovers will not worry for their loved ones since this kind is just the usual cat that lingers around one’s feet.
  • Their extra toes do not make them handicapped, but rather it is an attraction on their part. They do not mind if someone will hold their extra feet, so fear not.

Special Features

In addition, there are unique information which are as unique as the toes of the polydactyl cats.  These are significant information that will make you love them.

  • The name polydactyl is rooted from the Greek word ‘polydaktylos’ which means ‘many digits or many toes’. The name suggests about their physical characteristic – having many toes!
  • These felines are loved by sailors for they serve as lucky charms for them. Because of their extra toes, these cats can manage to balance themselves when they are on boats. Sailors will be delighted seeing stray polydactyl cats climb up the railings of the ships for it means good voyage to the persons on board.

Polydactyl cats behavior

  • can have polydactyl kittens. There is a great possibility that their offsprings are multi-toed as well.
  • This will give the opportunity for cat lovers to have a village of polydactyl cats!
  • Hemingway is the other term given to these cats because it was put on records that a ship captain gifted Ernest Hemingway a polydactyl cat.  Hemingway is a famous American author and a Nobel Prize winner. This makes these cats loved by literature lovers. They get to take a cat with the name of their favorite author.

These kittens with mittens are truly worth the price as well as all the pampering. They are truly extraordinary because of their extra toes. In choosing which breed of cat to take home, one must consider the other features that will make that particular cat stand out from the rest. Having polydactyl cat fact as a pet is not a bad idea, but rather a wise one!