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Maine coon price

I guess the way to answer any question about Maine coon price should start by letting you know I paid around £400 (about 700 USD) for both my kittens. This is average across the board. Although prices can vary between $400 and $1000 for a pet quality Maine Coon kitten be cautious if you see a Maine Coon advertised for less than $400.

Backyard breeders will offer cats for less than the going rate but this is not necessarily a wise investment. It’s unlikely to backyard breeders will follow the healthiest breeding programs and cats will not be pedigrees.

Without papers, you have no way of knowing the kitten (and relatives) meets the Maine Coon breed standards. A Maine Coon with no registration, which doesn’t meet certain standards, is simply not a Maine Coon (even if it may look something like a Maine Coon).

Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?

People have often asked this or questions along the lines of “why would anyone want to pay so much for a cat when you can get them for nothing?”. It’s all about personal preference and you’ll never hear anyone who’s ever been ‘owned’ by a Cooncat asking! The cost of a Maine Coon cat is absolutely worth every penny.

However, we can look at cost breakdown from a breeder’s perspective who rarely find breeding Maine Coons a profit-making venture.

While breeders are often keen to find good homes for new kittens, they also need to recoup some of their expenses. For the most part, if they can break even and produce good quality healthy kittens they will be happy. To begin with the cost of show quality Maine Coons with breeding rights can cost upwards of $1000 and much more depend on titles held.

By the time a cat bought for breeding reaches its first birthday, the owner will often have already invested several thousands of rights, supplies, insurance, accommodation, vet bills, food, etc. Caring professional breeders make huge personal commitments in terms of time and financial risk.

There are no guarantees that cats will be fertile or without complications during birth. Vet fees can mount up when a new litter and mother needs attention. The breeders I have visited have always invested in appropriate facilities including purpose-built runs, pens, play areas, not to mention transportation costs for attending shows.

Cheaper ‘versions’ of Maine Coons may be available because breeders have cut corners without the same level of dedication and investment as those who breed and show cats for love, not money.