How To Determine The Breed of a Cat?

Cat Breed


Your furry friend shows behaviors or habits that make you think: “What is my cat breed? Why does she have strange eyes? Who can help me understand how to determine my cat’s breed? ”

If your cat was not accompanied by official certification documents after her adoption, she is probably not a purebred. Most likely, it is a combination of several breeds, although it can show the dominant qualities of one breed over another.

Fortunately, there are several options to find out which breed your kitty belongs to. However, filling out its family tree can be difficult, considering that about 600 million domesticated cats roam the earth.

In this article we will help you get the answer to the question “How to determine the breed of a cat?”

Colors and Patterns of Cats


Colors and patterns of cats


Most cat breed standards provide for several different eye and fur colors or coat patterns as part of the appearance description.

This can complicate the task if you are trying to determine what kind of cat you have by reading what colors and patterns each cat breed can have.

If you have a black cat with golden eyes, this does not mean that you have Bombay or your big long-haired tabby automatically becomes Maine Coon, as you read that Maine Coons can fit this pattern.

Domestic cats can also be of almost any color and pattern with different fur lengths and are called simply mixed breeds of cats.

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The differences between domestic and purebred cats


domestic cats and purebred cats


Most domestic cats are simply considered domestic short-haired cats, domestic medium-sized or domestic long-haired and are not pure breeds. But this does not mean that you will never meet a purebred cat or that your cat cannot be a pure breed.

A purebred cat is defined by the Glossary of Cat Lovers as “a cat whose ancestors are of the same breed, or whose origin includes mating permitted in the breed standard.

For example, a purebred Bombay cat may also have Burmese cats in the background. »Typically, the pedigree of a cat must be confirmed by the register of cat breeds before it can rightfully be called purebred.

The American Shorthair cat breed was originally called the Domestic Shorthair breed. But the name was changed to avoid confusion among cats with an unknown history, among other reasons.

Without the necessary pedigree, a domestic short-haired cat cannot simply be called an short-haired American cat, despite the fact that it looks like her if the breeding history is not known.


Domestic cats


Domestic cats


Domestic cats are rich in history, and there is no single description for everyone. Domestic cats can be large, small, thick or thin depending on their genetics, diet and care they receive.

Their colors and patterns of wool are numerous and include black, white, gray, orange and all shades between them. Color patterns include tabby,calico, turtle shell and tuxedo and others.

Domestic cats are the most common type of cats in the world. They may have an unknown pedigree filled with different breeds of different colors and patterns.