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Maine Coon tabby

Here are some tips I’ve picked up from looking after my Maine Coon tabby boy

Despite common fears about mats, Maine Coon cats are fairly easy to groom though they have semi-long hair with thick coats. My classic brown Grooming Maine Coon tabby has silky greasy fur which is quite easy to look after. My silver tabby Maine Coon, Jester has different fur – more dry and frizzy like which can be prone to mats if not combed regularly.  It can be difficult to tell the different types of a coat by looking at Maine coon cat pictures although different Coons definitely have different types of coat. As long as the coat is kept in good condition, their fur normally lays flat and is relatively tangle-free, but you will still need to brush their coat to prevent matting.

Pay close attention to their front and back legs and to their undersides. They will keep themselves clean but need your help to keep their coats shiny and healthy. To bathe your cat, you need these basic items:

1.     Cat-friendly degreaser

2.     Mild cat shampoo

3.     Empty bottle to mix water with shampoo

4.     Something for rinsing, either a jug or a shower spray

5.     Steel Comb

6.     Fur brush

7.     Towel

To bathe your cat, first, run 3 to 4 inches of warm water into your bathtub. Do this step without your cat in the room. Once the tub is ready, gently lower your cat, feet first, into the bath. Pour bath water over its body with a jug or a cup. A shampoo according to label instructions. Start with one section of its fur and leather. You can use an empty bottle to mix some of the shampoo with warm water. Be sure to praise and reassure your cat throughout the bath.

After fully shampooing its fur, rinse thoroughly. You can use shower spray, but avoid fast jets or too much splashing water. Place your cat in a large towel and dry the excess water as quickly as possible. Afterward, brush its coat at regular intervals until dry. Be particularly careful of its tail, and be sure not to catch the tailbone with the brush. That can cause discomfort and pain if you don’t take extra care to avoid the area. When you comb your kitten’s fur, you will be able to remove fleas and examine their coat and skin health.

You may wish to clip your cat’s claws, especially if they live inside and don’t use scratching posts for claw grooming. To clip its claws, place your cat in your lap and angle the clippers downward. You want to clip quickly in the same direction, rather than cutting across claw. Be careful not to clip too deeply or down to the quick, which is the pink within the claw.

Bathe your Maine Coon when she is a kitten, and she will quickly adapt to bathing and grooming. They do love water, and with your praise, bathing should be a positive experience. You’ll also need to brush your kitten’s teeth for good oral hygiene.

When the kitten is older you may consider using a professional groomer, especially if your cat will be a show cat. Personally, I think there is no more majestic sight than a classic brown Maine Coon tabby with an immaculate coat. Establish a bathing and grooming schedule early in your kitten’s life. Not only will the process keep him healthy and clean, it will help you bond with your cat.


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