Black Cats | Understanding of Breed

Black Cats

When a black cat crosses one’s path, it’s not bad luck but a sign of good fortune. Black cats are very special pets. A black cat is any type of cat that has a completely black coat though some cats with an over ninety-percent black coat can qualify. Black cats are special because it is rare for cats to have solid black coats. The same is true for pure white cats. Another factor that makes this type of cat special is the air of mystery that immediately surrounds the owner. This is due to the long-standing superstitions surrounding black cats. In the middle ages, a black cat owner faces the prospect of death but in modern times, owners Stand out in a good way because of the rarity of all black coat.

Superstitions Surrounding Black Cats

The Bombay black Cat

About the superstitions surrounding a black cat, Some cultures believe that it brings bad luck when a black cat crosses a person’s path, however, see black cats bring good fortune once they visit and live in someone’s home, and such a belief makes the black cat all the more special.

Another superstition is that they are agents of evil, familiars, or companions of witches or evil transform themselves into cats. This is because black is associated with evil and darkness and that a cat’s independent personality and often nocturnal activities each of them out for superstitious persecution. Black cats have been hunted down and killed, and their owners burned at stake in suspicion of being witches. These superstitions are still reflected in many movies and TV shows where these cats are shown as companions of supernatural characters. Some popular feline characters are also based on black cats like Felix the Cat, Cyborg Kuro-Chan, Sabrina’s Salem, and Disney’s Pete.

Breeds of Black Cat

bombay black cat

There are many types of black cats or black cat breeds. Not all cat breeds can have all-black coats. Cat breeds that can have all black coats include the Persian, the American Shorthair, the Maine coon, the Oriental, Random bred and especially the Bombay cat. The Bombay cat is the most well-known of all black cat breeds because the Bombay is exclusively bred to be black.

The behavior of Black Cat Breeds

Black cat behavior depending on black cat breeds. Their behavior or temperament and other characteristics are reflective of their respective breed. Black cat health, feeding, and grooming are also determined by their breed. Owning a black American short-hair, for instance, makes for a better mouser. Having a black Persian or Maine Coon still requires intensive grooming.

How you can buy a black cat? Many pet stores have pure breeds for sale. The most popular is the Bombay cat, but other black cat breeds are just popular. Anyone who want to start from scratch; there are black cat, and kittens for sale of any type. You can adopt a cat from animal shelter or black cat rescue.