American Curl Cat | The Cat Of Unique Characteristics

American Curl Cat

History of American curl cats

American curl cat was found by Joe and Grace Rug, in Lakewood, California. This breed was primarily a result of the computation. The American curl kitten has unique characteristics that it has curled back ears with a solid ear base and soft tip along the top.

The first American curl cat was brought in by Ruga family and named her Shulamith. This cat had two American curl kittens and was shorthaired, and thus standards of American curl cats were sat in 1981.

This breed was the champion at classic cat shows of the town in the early ’80s, thus making American curl personality unique from other cat breeds.

The ears of the American curl cats must be handled with care because they are so delicate that rough handling may damage the cartilage and eardrums. Though it has a healthy genetic pool, the American curl kitten is more vigorous than other kittens.

The American curl cat is a medium sized weighing around 6- 10 pounds. As the American curl kitten grows its ears are not curved backward but within 48 hours of the period the ears curl back adding beauty to this cats personality.


The American curls are known for being smart enough also known for opening the doors, they like to play with people, and they require less professional grooming and care. This cat is less noisy, and they let us know if they want something.

They usually have an easy to go character.
During its kitten stage, this kitten has short hair; when they come to its mid-stage, they grow hair accordingly. Usually, other cats are having health issues but this cat is just a very healthy breed with less amount of looking after it can maintain itself.

Talking about the American curl personality it’s a very affectionate cat, family loving, kid-friendly, they are easy to groom, and are pet-friendly as well.

American Curls are also known as the Peter Pan

They keep flying in the house, unlike other cats. They greet family members or guests with a head bump. Let us talk about the character and personality of the American Curl cat. Though they have short and long hair type, they are easy to look after.

A weekly combing is enough to keep the grace of the American curl short-haired cat. Usually to remove the dead hair from the coat of the short haired one must comb backward.

American curl shorthaired kitten and cat both shed their hairs more often than an American curl long haired cat. You don’t have to make them a bath every day or weekly its all up to you.

Some things are present which the cat can itself handle. But for keeping your cat look better and be more hygienic one must trim her nails. Use a different cloth for removing any discharge from the eyes, thus preventing the cat and your self from infection. Regular brushing is also a must to prevent her from teeth disorder.

Now talking about the American curl cost, the prices are variable.

Price of Cat

Purebred American curl cat is at the high end that is $1000 to $2000. But if you buy it from a breeder they can vary according to their quality. The American curl showtime cat is at the high end of the spectrum while that to keep at home are at the low end of the spectrum.

These American cats are rarely territorial and typically can be established into homes anywhere in this world. They always are cool around pets and treat them with tremendous respect. They demand cuddle time that makes them a wanted one in the list of cat lovers.


The cat, as a life span of 12 to 16 years, these fur coat of happiness is a long way companion American curl cat is available in many different and lustrous coat colors such as blue, black, lilac, cream, red, chocolate, etc.

As all the other cat’s American curl cats are found of drinking milk stealing food from the kitchen in spite of being ferocious, they are loving. American curl cat is healthy enough so does not spread diphtheria in children.

The most undesirable superstition is that when a cat crosses the path of the passer-by something unwanted is going to happen, but the American curl cats has the opposite belief, they are well known for their fortune in different parts of the world.

These little curl kittens are so cute and delicate that every cat lover wishes to have a kitten just like them. These cat does not possess terrifying looking eyes. Instead it has round eyes with black or yellow cornea thus making it look more friendly, more adorable. The American curl kitten has shimmery blue eyes that add up to its beauty and personality as well.

American curl kitten prices

American curl kitten prices are low enough that anyone can afford it but if we adopt it from a breeder from a foreign country or own country than it will be costly.

Most of the American curls are fond of playing with dogs. Unlike the other cats, they aren’t ferocious against another pet or dog in spite they get mixed up so well that they don’t even consider them as one of their cat breeds.
So, moving to a conclusion precisely all the characteristics of the American curl cats are desirable and sounds friendly.

Thus, making it a lovable cat. The American curl kitten is cute enough and delicate enough to handle, not much attention regarding their health is needed. American curls are healthy enough they don’t spread disease among the children, they are pet-friendly.


Moreover, they are show cats they can pull off any cat or pet show with their beautiful details, the narrow arch back with backward folded ears, their shiny coat they all add up to its personality, and the price of American curl cat is also affordable. They are thus making it an excellent companion overall.