Found a Maine Coon For Sale? Read First

Maine Coon For Sale

When first discovering this majestic breed, and with no prior knowledge of purebred cats, I made the common mistake of rushing into the process of finding my new gentle giant. I remember thinking all I needed to know was, A. How I would go about finding a ‘real’ Maine Coon for sale? B. The next thing on my mind was girl/boy? Maine Coon cat/kitten? C…and finally what color?


However, there’s much more to becoming a Maine Coon owner than simply finding a cat you like the look of. Here are a few thoughts which may be helpful for anyone looking for a large Maine Coon cats for sale. First, answer a few questions for yourself…

1. What attracts you to the breed? Size, personality, looks, reputation, etc
2. Will your Coon cat be just a pet (indoor/outdoor?) or do you want to show the cat, become a breeder – all of these factors will depend on how you approach people with Maine Coons for sale
3. Do you want a Maine Coon mix kittens for sale Or do you want to adopt or buy a pedigree kitten or perhaps a retired show cat?

A pedigree Maine Coon has to meet a certain set of criteria to be legitimately sold as a Maine Coon. There’s nothing wrong or inferior about Maine Coon look-alikes or a Maine Coon mix. You just don’t want to pay pedigree cat prices for a non-pedigree cat.

To add to the complex picture even all pedigree Maine Coons are not created equal. Breeders often refer to ‘pet quality’ kittens. This means it is unlikely they would have the physical features to make it as a show cat. Maine Coon kittens with the potential to become champions are worth more. Again a ‘pet quality’ Maine Coon can come with papers verifying pedigree but should cost less than a potential pedigree show cat.

As for our own Coon cats, we paid the same for both (around $700 equivalent), although as King Henry has matured, it turns out he was probably sold as a show quality cat even though he is definitely considered ‘pet quality.’ This is because of the shape of his muzzle (apparently!), but of course, he’s always a champion in our house

We actually enhanced a photo of King Henry to create the black Maine Coon picture which appears as the ‘mascot’ for this website.

I guess we followed a rather hit and miss path to finally becoming ‘owned’ by our Maine Coons making mistakes along the way. So far we’re ‘owned’ by a classic tabby Maine Coon, King Henry and a silver tabby called Jester, both pictured below. (to this day I’ve still never seen a black Maine Coon ‘in the flesh’ but I know they are very popular and always in demand).

I guess the main point doesn’t rush into anything as soon as you find a Maine Coon for sale you like. Take your time and do your homework.  Like everything else in life once you start looking they suddenly begin to show up in your everyday life.  A quick Google searches and you’ll see plenty of advertisements for Maine Coon kittens for sale.

There’s also plenty of useful information on this website.

This website organizes information for new, experienced and future Maine Coon owners in the following information categories:

1. Maine Coon Breed

2. Maine Coon Kittens

3. Maine Coon Care

4. Maine Coon Adoption

5. Buying a Maine Coon

For some of the more general information about the breed including Maine Coon size and weight, there are useful articles in the Maine Coon breed section. There is also some useful general information about the Maine Coons on Wikipedia.

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