Maine Coon Adoption – Quick Guide

Maine Coon Adoption

There are several places to consider for Maine Coon Adoption Quick Guide. Probably the first place to look is in your local shelters. The chances are if you go down the Maine Coon adoption/rescue route you’ll see many look-alikes and Maine Coon mixes. Purebred Maine Coons with papers (which is the only way to prove a Maine Coon is a Maine Coon) will be harder to find and the first to find new homes.

There are several specialist Maine Coon adoption and rescue centers dotted around the US. I’ve listed the ones I can find on the Maine Coon rescue page. If you happen to live within range of one of these organizations, I’d recommend getting in touch with them right away if you have a home to offer. All rescue centers have more cats than space or homes available where cats can be re-housed. Rescue centers are always in need of temporary foster homes which may be an option for those not wishing to take on a permanent commitment.


Choosing A Maine Coon Cat To Adopt

Having spoken with many prospective new MC owners over the years, I know the price of a Maine Coon is a consideration for many. Some have even asked where to find a free Maine Coon. It’s important to point out that adoption is not the ‘free option’ some are looking for. Rescue centers do not nearly cover their costs through adoption fees and rely heavily on donations. When you take your new cat home the cost of food, vets, insurance, equipment is, of course, the same regardless of how much the initial cost is. Anyway, to give you an idea of the cost of adoption here are some prices quoted from the Maine Coon Adoption website based in Northern California.

  • $175 for purebreds with papers
  • $150 for kittens up to one year old
  • $125 for healthy cats from one to eight years old
  • $100 for mature cats over eight years old or special-needs cats

If you’re interested in a Maine Coon for adoption, other factors you’ll want to consider is the history of the cat. Many abandoned cats may be traumatized. Some may not be so good with children or other animals. Others may have to live mainly indoors or outdoors.

You must be realistic about the care an individual cat needs and be ready to provide the environment necessary to offer a chance for a better life. Nobody wants to see a re-housed cat returned to the rescue center it came from. You may also be persuaded by colors, personality and the bond you feel when you start to meet with cats. Building up relationships with organization staff is a great way to get help deciding the right cat for you.

If they can help you find a cat with that winning Maine Coon personality compatible with you and your living situation everyone involved can feel very happy a great match has been found. An important part of Maine Coon adoption work is matchmaking for the longer term. Many people say Maine Coons choose you so you may not have too much choice anyway!