Maine Coon Grooming Tips

Surely you love your Maine Coon cat! But do you always feel annoyed every time there is hairball on the carpet? There are scratches on your leather sofa bed? These things can be prevented with the right Maine Coon Grooming Tips. So worry less if you are doing your grooming routine to your cute Main Coon cat.


Maine Coon Grooming
Maine Coon Grooming

A cat lover should ensure that proper care is being given to an animal companion. But it is not easy to groom a Maine Coon. This breed is suitable for hunting in the freezing weather of North-eastern America. Their thick-layered coats enable them to stand the cold environment and serve as their protection when they stalk their prey in these areas.

Their furry trait makes cat lovers choose this breed. The texture of the hair gives relaxation as one’s fingers run through the Maine Coon’s slender body. Having thick coats can at times be disturbing to the owner if not appropriately groomed. The following Maine Coon grooming tips can help in having a more relaxed day between the cat lover and this kind of feline.

1 Make grooming time part of the cat’s routine.

Grooming time must be part of the routines that a cat should have with the owner. It is advisable to begin this as young as possible. Taming your cat during the grooming session will not be a headache if the animal is already used to it.

2 Choose the right supplies and tools.

An owner would not desire to have frequent visits to the veterinary clinics for it causes extra cost. This will be avoided if the right and the best supplies will be purchased for the cat. There are cat grooming products that are cheap but of low quality. Buying them can cause health problems to your hairy pet. It is recommended to purchase products in licensed pet shops or evaluate the products closely in online stores.

3 Brush the thick coat.

The thick coat is the best feature of this feline, so it is just right to make the proper strokes on it. In buying the right brush, the owner must consider the length and the texture of the Maine Coon’s coat. The bristles of the brush may cause harm to the animal if not adequately assessed. Scratches on the cat’s skin may appear after Maine Coon Grooming session if the brush is not correctly used. With this, the right stroke and the right brush is a must in combing this breed.

4 Clip the hair.

Having long hair that disrupts eating and playing is not good for the cat. Better to clip the hair regularly to prevent this and to make your cat more appealing to the passers-by. The kind of scissors to be used in clipping must be adequately assessed to establish the Maine Coon Grooming more adorable. Aside from that, mats tend to form eventually. This is but natural among this breed. Never pull the mats from the animal for this may be hurting on their part. Use the scissors or untangle the mats patiently to remove the tied-up hair.

5 Trim the claws.

Long nails are big No-Nos! You are failing to trim down your pet’s claws may be burdensome on your part. This may result in scratches on your furniture or your skin. Excellent claw clippers are also available online and in pet shops. Again, choose the right one for your Maine Coon. But then, if you are not comfortable trimming your pet’s claws, you may pay a visit to the veterinarian and s/he will do it for you.

6 Bathe once in a while.

To keep its thick coat clean, once a month bath session is not bad. Maine Coon cats need this because of their hairy feature. The cat must be used to this thing because cats are not the bathing type.


maine coon grooming tools
maine coon grooming tools

Below are the suggested maine coon grooming tools which are must-haves for the cat lovers. Check them out and seek if you have them.

1 Brush

The best buy for your Maine Coon cats are a nylon-made brush with soft bristles. Soft-bristle brush will help in taming your cat during maine coon grooming tools time for this can calm their nerves.

2 Mat Splitter

Since mats and tangles are problems, this tool is a big help. It looks like a razor blade, but the purpose is to make your cat tangle- and mat-free.

3 Scissors

A pair of scissors when the mat splitter cannot anymore take away the mats and tangles. But the real purpose of the scissors is to trim down the thick coat of your pet regularly. There are already silent clipper available online which may cause less stress on the owner’s part.

3 Nail Clippers

This tool will take the long toenails away. There are different nail clippers available in the market with varying features. The cat owner can make the best choice for the Maine Coon to befriend nail clipping.

5 Shampoo

Though, taking your pet to the bathtub is just once a month, choosing the right brand of shampoo is undoubtedly essential. The wrong shampoo and improper use of it can cause hair loss of the Maine Coon.

6 Pet Wipes

After the calming brushing session and clipping of hair and paws, the cat can have the best look using pet wipes. Aside from taking a bath, wipes can be used to remove unwanted dirt on the hair and paws.

Grooming sessions can be bonding moments between the cat and the pet owner. This is a great time to relax and at the same time pamper the animal. If proper grooming procedure is given to the Maine Coon, this will be a calming and leisure time both for the cat lover and the feline, no stress and distress!

Proper grooming tips must be coupled with the right grooming tools. The cat lover’s choice of grooming tools is equated to the great appearance, good health and proper hygiene of the cat. Grooming is essential among animals just like how it is necessary for human beings to maintain appropriate cleanliness. What pet owners do to themselves can be done to their favorite pet as well. Happy grooming everyone!