It’s sky high! This is the typical statement if one would describe the price of a Norwegian Forest cat. But then, it’s worth every cent of the amount if you are going to take a closer look at this breed of felines. The price speaks of the features of these cats.

Looking closely, this is one of the oldest domesticated cats and perhaps one of the most, or maybe the most beautiful cat breed. It is familiar to many as Weggie, Skogkatt, Norsk Skogkatt, or Norskskaukatt. The names speak of the place where this breed was born in Norway. Being waterproof is one of the
distinguishing features of Norwegian Forest cats. They have multiple layers of fur that make them stand the snow in cold places.

Did you know that the Norwegian Forest Cat Club was established to rescue the remaining species of this breed? This happened because of they almost extinct during World War II when most of them were killed. Consequently, the Vikings were the first breeders of these cats 2000 years ago. These cats have a connection to history.

They mature slowly, but these cats can last up to 14 to 16 years of age. So a family can get to enjoy the presence of a cute cat at home for such a long time.


A significant consideration in choosing to have a cat as a pet is the price that is attached to the breed. The amount of Norwegian forest cat personality fluctuate depending on the breeder, but then the average offer online is 600 USD to 1200 USD.

Breeders attach some add-ons to the online offers, and that makes the price dependent on the breeders. This is because breeding cats are also expensive since the investment starts from the conception, to the giving of birth and up to the first two weeks of age. If someone wants to have a lower

price for this breed, he/she must try looking for a rescued one. So, to own a Norwegian Forest Cat, look for breeders or search online and bid.

If a cat lover is planning to own one of these felines, he/she must ensure that the online site is licensed while for the rescue center, it must be operating legally. Remember, reputable breeders will ensure that the cat is ready for a new family and they will only release the animal after the 12th week of their age.

If the budget is tight and owning one of these kitties is your desire, adoption can be an option. But then, for this kind of cat, undoubtedly many are queuing to take one at home. One may wait for a year to adopt a cat which is like this. A persistent cat enthusiast should always check on the availability of this kind online. The aspiring owner can search by location, by facts, by basic info, by appearance, or by temperament and personality in different online adoption sites. Patience can be the answer for a cat
lover to have such at home.

This breed requires moderate maintenance which can be done by regular grooming. With regards grooming, this is of less worry on the part of the possible owner. But the owners of this breed should always make their wallets available for some visits to the veterinarian because they are prone to sickness.

Norwegian Forest Cat For Sale

Norwegian Forest Cat For Sale

Another consideration in buying a cat is its personality. The statements below would help a cat enthusiast know more about Norwegian Forest cat.

They are
• domesticated and with that they are not wild, but instead, they can serve as pets;
• kind, loving, gentle, and gorgeous;
• playful and so it is advisable for them to have cat toys and cat trees;
• independent, but at times attention-seeker;
• good climbers for they have sharp claws which allow them to climb rocks; and

• friendly, intelligent, and energetic.

And also,
• initially, these cats have a soft voice which can eventually develop to be loud if there is a dog around
the corner;
• because of their build, they need more food supply compared to the others; and
• the most common health issue of these kitties are kidney failure and heart disease.

Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison

 Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison

Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison

Before buying a cat, the size matters. This is being considered because it may not be fitting for a petite person to own such a biggie Norwegian forest cat size. The owner will be overshadowed by the pet. This may look awkward.

If Norwegian Forest cats are to be described, they are a large kitty! The males typically weigh for an average of 16 pounds while the females, on average, weigh 12 lbs. The size of these cats is known worldwide, and there are even pictures of them which have gone viral.

Some factors affect the price of these adorable kitties. Bloodline, gender, color pattern, geographical location, and breeder information can significantly affect the cost of this animal.

Considering the information above, it would be easier for someone to decide that the price of the Norwegian Forest cat is just reasonable considering its features. The price will not be a big deal if you are really into petting this type of feline.

Most cat lovers are willing to invest in the breed of their cats. Of course, they want to flaunt their pets together with the pampering that they do to them. Taking the responsibility in owning a cat is not that easy for it is like raising your child. As the parent of the cat, one must provide all its needs. The dollar sign sometimes is disregarded especially if it is for your desire to maintain a Norwegian Forest Cat.

A cat lover knows what breed of cat to look for online or in pet stores. The demand of this breed in the market speaks of how satisfied the owners are in choosing these felines to their homes. No amount can be equated to the kind of personality of these cats possess.

For Norwegian Forest cat lovers around the globe, you made the right choice! These cats are good-buys! Enjoy and be delighted by this adorable kitty every time it sits on your lap.