Norwegian forest cat breed

Norwegian forest cat breed

Norwegian forest cat is a unique breed of cat and his price is very much high as compared to the other cats. Norwegian cats price varies from six hundred (600)$  to three thousand dollars(3000)$ depending on the age, colour, and size.

These cat ancestors were bred by Vikings two thousand years ago. Cute and furry, these cats stand harsh frost and are a great hunter. This breed of cat survives due to the efforts done by the Cat club. They saved the cats and then used a special breeding program to help bring their population numbers back up to acceptable levels.

Norwegian forest cats are very caring cats that love spending time with their owner. This beautiful creature is independent and does not demand the constant attention of the owner. Although they love to spend some time with their owners.

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

Norwegian forest cat is the native cat of Norway. These cats have a really unique character and a charming personality. They have a characteristically lengthy coat with almond formed eyes. They’ve got an exclusive head form with their mild-mannered character.

 One of the maximum distinguishing functions of the Norwegian forest cat is its lengthy, thick coat. They have got a double coat that modification with the seasons. In wintry weather, it could be extraordinarily dense. They have tufts of hair across the neck, across the face and alongside their thighs. That makes them stand among the other cats breed.


Norwegian forest cat has large eyes which usually suit this beautiful creature. This breed has big eyes which might be almond-formed. Their eyes can be green, gold or copper. If they are white cats, the eyes can be blue. A few white cats have mismatched eyes, where one is blue and the opposite is an exclusive shade. Norwegian forest cat has slanting eyes which look very attractive to this big cat’s body.

This Breed does not have a particular colour. Rather, they arrive in a spread of colours and styles. But, the most commonplace shades and styles are brown tabby and white.

Head Shape

The Norwegian forest cat has a different kind of head shape as compared to the other breed of the cats.  They have a totally special head shape. The head is triangular formed. The nose is straight, and that they have flat foreheads. They’ve medium sized ears with a rounded factor which looks great to this beautiful creature. This triangular kind of head shape gives them a bit tiger kind of look.


The Norwegian forest cat is big cats. The weight of the male’s breed of this kind of cat is usually a bit greater than a female cat. Adult males can range from 10 to twenty pounds or 5 to 10 kilograms. Females are normally around 9 to 12 pounds or 4 to 6 kilograms.

However, they take longer to mature than different breeds, and won’t reach complete adulthood until the age of 5. The breed has very strong bones and is strongly muscled. The size of this cat and huge coat of fur makes them appear even large.

Waterproof coats

These cats have long waterproof coats that have helped them withstand the cold winter weather of their origin. These cats are not usually scared of water as compared to rest of the cats due to the great amount of fur on their body. This feature of the Norwegian forest cat makes them a unique breed of cats.


Norwegian forest cat is a very quiet cat and doesn’t interact with the people very easily. This cat loves staying alone and enjoying themselves but they have no issue if some people are around them until they do not disturb the beautiful creature.

But many of the Norwegian cat owners said that these cats have a really loud purr. These cats are more loyalty to the places as compare to human beings because they have been at some place they will remember that place for a very long time.


Norwegian Forest cat is very intelligent and can be trained easily. The Norwegian forest cat is a large breed of cat and an athletic cat because he is a very good climber. You will mostly find the Norwegian cat at the highest point that he can reach in the home because this cat loves climbing and staying at higher places and you will mostly find them at the higher places of your house because this big creature loves spending time on higher places.

The Norwegian forest cats are not very difficult to train and they are also very intelligent but these breeds of cat are not that interested in the loyalty if you are not trying to interact with them.

Norwegian forest cat size

Norwegian forest cat size

Norwegian forest cat size

Norwegian forest cat is a large cat with 12 to 18 inches height and 10 to 20 pounds weights. This is usually greater than the other breed of the cats. The male breed of Norwegian cat is usually greater in size, height and in weight, as compared to the female breed of the cat which helps to the owner to identify the difference between the male and female Norwegian cat. Due to this large size, Norwegian cat is very hairy cats with a lot of fur on their body which will help them to look a bit greater size. They are fully grown at the age of 5 years and there life expectancy is about 14 to 16 years which is usually greater than a normal breed of cat. Although this life span is not always accurate, your Norwegian forest cat may sometimes live even for more than 16 years and they even can die in a few years. But on an average, they usually live a greater life period as compared to the smaller breed of the cats. According to research, the Norwegian forest cat has a 91% chance of making it to the age of five years and a 62 per cent chance of reaching the life of 12 years.