Maine Coon Kittens for Sale – Cautionary Note

Kittens for Sale

Whenever you see Maine Coon kittens for sale, make a few basic checks before you spend any time visiting. You can tell a lot by ‘gut instinct’ and the helpful attitude of the seller. Good Maine Coon breeders will be protective or their cats. They should be asking you about your living situation and if you have any other animals, children, etc. If they don’t seem interested in you, they may not be so interested in the homes their cats are going to and you may view this as a negative sign.

Remember, reputable breeders are plentiful and you will find beautiful healthy Maine Coon kittens for sale and ready for new homes if you’re prepared to take your time. They are not in short supply despite their popularity, although the best breeders in your area may not have new litters at the same time as you were hoping to find your new kitten.

When we chose our kitten, we first searched for local breeders on the Internet, looked at photos of previous litters, and then contacted them via email. Many places we contacted had waiting lists, and we actually ended up with quite a limited choice of suitable breeders, who were due to have kittens.

Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

First Steps to Finding a New Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

TIP: Allow plenty of time to look around and don’t expect to bring a new kitten home tomorrow. Good breeders will keep Coon kittens for sale with their mothers until they are 3 months old even after papers have been signed. We chose our kitten when he was 5 weeks and visited him again before we finally brought him home.

Before we bought our first Maine Coon kitten home, we purchased a large scratching post, (which is absolutely essential for big mainly indoor cats if you want to prevent him from scratching your favourite arm chair), a weeks supply of food and litter (the same varieties that he/she was used to) and a cosy cat bed for him to snuggle up in as he adjusted to his new surroundings.

When you find a breeder you can trust and is recommended but doesn’t have kittens available always ask for a recommendation. The Maine Coon breeder community is close-knit but sometimes political and competitive so always do your own research and if you’re not sure about something – ask and if you don’t get satisfactory answers, simply move on.

Avoiding Maine Coon Health Problem

If kittens are born with problems, it’s difficult for a breeder to sell them, and they may be forced to keep them if they survive. Some strains of cat flu can be more serious (some fatal) than others and some illnesses are more contagious than others. All you can do is be vigilant when you find a kitten you like and if in doubt, it’s best to move on.

Our own personal story of finding Maine Coon kittens for sale was not without difficulty and “Henry” actually came to us with an incurable condition affecting tear production. Without on-going daily medication, the prognosis was that he could have lost his sight within the first two years of his life. As it happened, Henry is happy and healthy, although it cost our insurance company around $100 equivalent per month in vet’s bills for around 3 years.

This was a steep learning curve and was more by luck than good fortune that things have worked out ok. Actually finding Maine Coon kittens for sale is the easy bit. Making sure you do your due diligence and putting your head before your heart requires a careful, methodical approach. Once you get that right you can look forward to enjoying the unique Maine Coon personality, fun and love with your new kitten without the hassle and heartache.