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Maine Coon Sale

Ok, so Maine Coon sale or return is tongue in cheek but its to make a serious point. When you find a Maine Coon cat for sale that seems like a perfect match it’s easy to let emotions take over. Even though you ‘know’ you’ve found the right one for you there are still quite a few important checks you’ll need to carry out.

Once you commit to buying your chosen cat there’s no going back without exceptional reasons – there’s no sale or return agreement if it doesn’t work out 6 months from now! If you’re setting out to find the best Maine Coon cats for sale, go to your research with your eyes wide open. Maine Coons,

like all other pets, are not created equal. Even cats of the same breed with established pedigrees are still unique of course. Not all cats are the same ‘quality’ even from the same litter. Some are healthier than others. The personality will vary and physical features may look similar when kittens are very young but offer clues to how they will develop.

The investment of time and money is significant to go to the effort of taking a time to find the healthy and gorgeous kitten you really want. Remember you can only have one (or two maybe) even though you may want to take quite a few of them home once you start looking J Here are 3 important things to investigate when you think you’re getting closer to making a buying decision:


1. A Registered Cattery

You’ll want to know if the breeder has a registered cattery and if they show their cats. This is important because it demonstrates a commitment to the breed and to the community of owners, breeders and judges who are able to share knowledge about health issues, concerns and maintain the integrity and strength of the Maine Coon breed. Anyone who isn’t making a wider contribution to the Maine Coon breeding community when they are breeding and selling cats may have good reasons why but important when getting a feel for who you’re dealing with. An important addition to this is to understand that buying a kitten from a breeder who shows, is that kittens are far more likely to breed for temperament on the basis that shows cats have to relax, happy around people and not timid.

2. Breeding Standards

Investigate signs of inbreeding. You can easily do this with reputable breeders by asking to see the pedigree and identifying whether close relatives have been bred together. This doesn’t necessarily cause a problem but most breeders you talk to will not recommend this as the healthiest form of breeding for the cats. Ask about the titles the kitten’s parents have been awarded and check back through the lineage to find out if there are champion grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. This is significant because it tells you that impartial experts have judged the breed standards running through the lines over time.

3. Health Problems

Be as confident as you can you are buying a healthy cat from a reputable cattery with a good breeding history before agreeing a Maine Coon sale. Although most breeders will take the kitten back within a certain period of time if there is a problem, the heartache and stress of taking on a kitten that becomes ill are not alleviated greatly by knowing the breeder will take the kitten back or refund you the money. There are never any guarantees as such but you can do your research and minimize your chances of being unlucky.

All pedigreed animals have some potential inherited health risks. Reputable breeders will talk openly about issues because they will be working on breeding programs designed to prevent problems in their litters. If you are talking to someone who wants to see you a cat and doesn’t acknowledge health risks in Maine Coons, you may view this as a red flag. Finding the right Maine Coon for sale at the right time and price for you can take a little time but I promise from personal experience it is worth it.

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