Bombay Cats – Get The Mini Black Panther Pet

Bombay Cats

Want to own a Bombay cat? Lovely beautiful creatures, they are with beautiful eyes and muscular paws. They are the miniature of the Black Panther with a caring attitude and the creatures seek you all the time, while at home. Is this information enough to get one such kitten at your home? Surely not! So, it is time than to know more about those little creatures. Then only you can identify them at ease and care them at your home. However, one thing is very much certain for those. As you know them better, you will start having affection for them. Now, as you have the affection, it will not take much time to generate care and love for the Bombay kitten. So, it is time to get more details about the cat named after the historic Indian city.

How she got her name?

It is true that the cat breeders are regularly trying out new breeds by crossing the existing breeds. All their tries are directed towards only one motive and that is to find a better breed of cats, that you might be looking for. This black Bombay cat is also such one breed that has been crossed. Its name suggests that it has some connection with the subcontinent, but actually, that is not the case. India has nothing to do with the breed. It has been a breed that was given birth through the mixing of the Sable Burmese and the Black American Short Hair. However, the name has been credited to the city of the Subcontinent, which comes in the middle.

How to identify her?

Now, as you came to know about the cat, you will love to get through the different attributes of the little creature that will help you identify it and realize that – yes this is the one, I am looking for.

Weight and height of the cat

The lovely fellows are usually small in size and are wonderfully lap lovers. They are peach black in complexion and if you are a lover of black cats, then you will definitely fall in love on them. Males are a bit bigger, while the female black Bombay cat is smaller in size. Whatever the size might be, they cannot be categorized under big breeds of domestic cats. The tiny creatures in their biggest size are usually categorized as a middle-sized breed of domestic cats, but you will face a difference, while you will try to lift them up. The height of these cats is usually 8 lbs. It sounds good, but that can be something ridiculous when you look at the cat with your own eyes.

In terms of height, there are good in all forms and they can measure up to 8 inches. So, you can well understand that they are extremely small in size but when you lift them up, you can well understand its weight.


These cats are muscular in nature, completely black and very much slender in shape. They are lap loving and seeks care from you with sharp ears and broad eyes. Rounded eyes and round face of them are very much caring and they are not at all nuisance making for you too. They are gentle in nature and will seek your attention all the time.

Eyes and ears

the small Bombay kitten are very much friendly in nature, calm and quiet with their ears always alert. Eyes of the cats are usually yellow in complexion, but can be copper touched too.

What makes her special?

The best thing about these cats is its loving nature. They are caring and always seek bit affection from you. So, the ‘must have to’ need to own this cat is time with you. It will love your lap’s warmth and whatever you do or it does, it will seek your attention. That’s what it needs and they will get that, by chasing you round and round.

The black Bombay cat is very much eager to play with you and love to learn different tricks from you too. They will be the best friend of your kids and will spend much of their time with them alone. In fact, they will not allow your kids to have private time. It will enter their room any time and will seek attention from them all the time. If you wait for it outside, while making your kids study, it will so its sorrow and will claim the kid’s lap, as you open the door.

In terms of nature, they are very much pleasant and are very good escorts for the guests in your house. They love playing fetch games and are very much like a dog, in their attitude during the play time. Many times, an owner claims that they are having a gentle Black Panther at their home, while they have this black Bombay cat.

Special care to be taken about the Bombay Cats

Original breed of this cat does have some dental issues and that has been transmitted to the mixed breed too. So, you will have to take care of the thing all the time. It will be best if you brush its teeth at least once a week. They are having a very trusting nature. So, you will not face any nuisances from the little fellow while doing that.

Another issue that you may face is the vocal sounds. They are soft sounded, but they have a nature to cry at night with different sounds, as they are very good at mimicking.

Where to get them and how much they cost?

So, you have gained all the knowledge that you need to identify and even to nurture the Bombay kitten. So, it’s time to have one of them now. You can get one such, by looking on the internet. It will show the available space, where from you will get those and at the same time will also show you the Bombay cat price. The price of them is usually 500 to 700 dollars and they have an average life span of 12 to 16 years. So, what more, go and get it. Someone is waiting for you earnestly.