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Maine coon price UK

Want to get a cat of a big family? There can never be a better choice than a Maine Coon. You can check the internet about the Maine coon price UK and you will find that they look just gorgeous with their big size and wagging tail. As you put your first sight on these big cats, you will fall in love on it and will surely look for better and details information about those healthy Coons over the internet. We know it very well and that is why we are here to give you all you need in one place.

Get through the details about Maine Coon and you will get all you need – including the shapes, sizes, nature, care to be taken and of course the cost of Maine coon. Hence, once you finish reading the article, you will have enough and detail information regarding the big cats and can challenge anyone about their information.

How big they are?

The biggest recorded Maine Coon is the biggest among all the domestic cats too. His name is Stewie and has been recorded in the Guinness book of records too for its height. Length of the biggest domestic cat according to the book of records is 123 cm. Just awesome! Yes, they are and never think that Stewie alone is like that – it is the feature of the breed itself. The average length of a male Maine Coon is near to about 100 cm. so you can well understand that Stewie is surely bigger than those, but the others are also small. In the case of a female, the length of the cats is near to 80 cm. So, the ladies are also big enough to be curdled.

Nature of a Maine Coon

Weight– When you hear the size of the big cat, you must be wondering about how to manage them and how to cuddle them on your lap – is it? No need to worry about that. They are large in size, but not that much weight. A male will be weighing not more than 10 Lbs and the female can weigh up to 7 lb, although the average weight of them is 5 lb. So, they are not that much different in weight than the other breeds.

General nature- unlike the other cats, these fellows is not that much lap seekers. They are bit dog natured, more than cat natured. However, they love kids and attention too, as all other pets do. They can even entertain your other pets, especially small puppies. Females will be caring for them as if they are her own kids and same is the case with your baby too.

Attention seekers – there is not a single pet, who doesn’t love to seek attention from their owners. These cats are someone who doesn’t believe in one friend only. Rather, they will make friends with more than 2 or all the family members and in each case, they will be intimate. However, like all other pets, these fellows are also kid lovers. They will not touch you or seek your lap, but attention is essential.

Silence– they are silent in nature and very much sensitive. If you won’t give her attention, it will not ask that from you, but it will feel the sorrow inside and will gradually finish itself in pain – this is what they are. If you close the door in front of it, it will never protest you but will sit there before the entrance. As you open the door, it will find that the big fellow is sitting there waiting for your sight. If you still ignore her, she will just go and sit in the corner, but it will be really tough then to feed her at night. So, you need a kid-like affection to own this poor little creature.

Behaviour- in terms of behavior, they are very much caring and will notify you all the time. What you are doing and how you are doing, all will be recorded by the superb intelligent guys within a month after she meets you.

Game playing– these fellows are excellent in mouse hunting. Your house cannot find a single rodent, after a week it reaches your house. They also love to play with toys and go for a fetching game. It loves the garden and playing in the open air is more preferred by her. In fact, it knows that its size is not normal and that makes it very much sensitive to all these.

Care to be taken

The body hair of these cats is to care a bit more. It has been noticed, that they are very much hair looser and that creates a nuisance for the owners. Being big in size the best way is to give them a bath much often. Comb them regularly to remove the odd ones out and also brush them at least once a week. They are good pets and love to hear all the words of her owner. So, you will not have to spend much time on these things.

Prices and availability

About owning a Maine coon, you will have to be a bit more careful. The adults are so big in size but that is not visible in the case of a kitten. In terms of Maine coon price UK, they are usually costly and you might have to pay 1200 dollars for a kitten too. You will love to bear the cost for a Maine Coon, but the kitten is so much like the kids of other breed’s kitten, that you might feel a bit confused. The best way to get out of the confusion thus is to get through the registered pet sellers only for these poor fellows. This will reduce your risk and at the same time, you will get the best breed cat for your home.

So, you know by now the Maine coon price UK and also the different aspects of the Maine Coon. What more? Just get the details of the pet house, reach there and own one for yourself. You will have to train them for a week and not more than that.

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