Serval Cat Characteristics, Lifespan, and Price

serval cat

Have you ever seen a serval cat? They are the coolest cats in the world! The serval is one of Africa’s most unusual and biggest cats. Servals live in grasslands, scrublands, savannas, and dense forests on both sides of the equator.  In some countries, they are hunted because people think they will attack livestock or humans.

But really that is not true at all! Servals eat rodents like rats and mice so they won’t come to your house looking for food (they have better things to do). Plus it would be super hard to catch them because they can jump 12 feet high! So next time you see a serval cat make sure to give it lots of love instead of trying to.

Serval cat characteristics

Serval Cat Characteristics

Serval Cats are also one of the most popular pets in America. A serval cat is a type of exotic, wild cat that can be difficult to find. This post will outline about this rare feline.

The serval cat has several distinguishing features that make them unique from other cats such as their long legs, large ears, and spotted patterning on its fur coat. These cats come in many different colors such as black spotted with white (called snow leopards), brown spotted with yellow (called lions), red-spotted with yellow (called tigers), dark greenish-gray striped with gold.

Servals also have larger than average paws which come in handy when they need to tear apart their prey for sustenance.

A serval cat is one of the most fascinating creatures in the world, they have some interesting personality traits like, they are very vocal animals and will often make loud sounds to attract attention or to communicate with other members of their pride. When they get angry, instead of hissing like a regular housecat would do, they growl – which can be terrifying for those who don’t know how it sounds!

Serval cats also have an interesting way of communicating with each other by rubbing their back on another animal’s fur as if saying “hello” or “goodbye.” If you’re lucky enough to find yourself living near a serval.

This cat is not a common house pet. They are, however, very interesting and beautiful animals that you could see at the zoo or safari park. The Serval is native to Africa and they have been known to be used as pets in some parts of Asia.

If you’re interested in getting your own pet serval, please consult with an expert before making any decisions because these animals can be quite expensive and specialized care might be required over time.

Domestic serval cat

Domestic Serval Cat

The domestic serval cat is a hybrid cat that was first bred in the 1980s. It was originally created to combine the features of its parents, a wild African serval, and an American shorthair. They are often called “genetic freaks” for their unique appearance and personality traits.

Serval Cat Lifespan

A serval cat can live up to 22 years in the wild, but when they are domesticated they can only be expected to live for about 12. This is because of a number of different things such as diet and exposure to diseases that don’t exist in the wild. With no other predators on their heels like lions or leopards, these cats do not need to hunt down prey every day which results in less stress on their body.

They also have more access to food since people often feed them by hand while living at home with them. They also usually get better medical care than what is available out in the wild so their lifespans are cut short due to infections or illnesses that could easily be treated if found early enough.

Serval Cat Price

The price of serval cats ranges from $1,500 to $3000 and more. Same as Maine Coon cat, the price depends on the breeder and where you are buying it from. There are many types of serval cat breeds that range in size, temperament, and appearance for anyone looking to buy one.