LaPerm Cat Breed

Laperm Cat Breed

LaPerm Cat Breed is a beautiful and distinct breed. This kind of strain was first seen in 1982 in Dalles, Oregon. The cat was bald and had tabby markings all over its skin; it also had big years, and there was space between them. This breed was named by Linda Koehl. After the cat was called, it then produced many kittens, and the kittens had a curly coat, just like their mother; this was the product of a dominant mutation.

A LaPerm cat breed is different from other rex or kinds with curly-coated hair like Selkirk Rex. They were given the name LaPerm and status of races as well. They were also recognized by the International Cat Association in the year 2002.


The size of a LaPerm cat breed is tiny; the weight of a normal LaPerm cat is five to eight pounds. The cat matures when it is two or three years old. This kind of cat is popular among those households, which want a cute, small and furry cat.

laperm cat personality
laperm cat personality


LaPerm cat personality is like saying that it has a sense of humor. This kind of cat is often described as being clownish and makes mischief as well. It uses its paws to open doors when it wants to go from one room to the other, without the permission of its owner. It also swipes things and taps on its owner’s shoulder, when it wants attention. However, this doesn’t mean that the cat is clingy, but it wants to form a special relationship with its owner and follows them around.

LaPerm cat personality is not very annoying, even though it sometimes, want to sit on your shoulder, or the top of your computer, or even your lap. However, these are things that pets like to do with their owners because they want to feel close to them. Also, this is why many people buy pets, because they are lonely and have space in their life to offer someone else attention.

LaPerm cat breed has a unique behavior that makes them throw things at people, but not in a violent way. It is a charming cat to live with because it doesn’t meow a lot or rarely uses its voice. LaPerm is very affectionate towards its owners, which is why it is perfect for families that have children. LaPerm can be very friendly towards children and visitors, but they should know how to socialize with the kittens.

laperm cat price
laperm cat price


If you want to further narrow down LaPerm cat personality, then there are some factors that you would find beneficial. They adapt very well to their environment, so it means that if you are adopting a LaPerm cat, or buying one, then you don’t have to worry about whether they can adapt or not. The affection level of these cats is off the charts as well. They are child-friendly, but make sure that when you introduce your child to the cat, you give them space to become friends, so that they can familiarize with each other well. To top it all, this type of breed is also dog-friendly, because being friendly is one of its most essential characteristics.

LaPerm Cat Breed doesn’t have many health issues or grooming needs, but it has social needs and is highly intelligent as well, as it can open doors and swipe on things that it wants. It is friendly towards strangers as well, so if you have a friend visiting, you don’t have to care much about the behavior and personality of your cat. The shedding level of LaPerm cat is average, so you don’t have to worry about hair all over your house.


Every cat might face a health problem, at some point in their life, because like us, they are living things as well. LaPerm cat breed has the potential to develop genetic problems like humans inherit diseases from their parents. If the person you are getting LaPerm from, doesn’t offer you any health guarantee, then perhaps you shouldn’t buy it.

When it comes to LaPerm cat breed, there are not any recorded genetic diseases. However, get a written health guarantee from anyone you buy, because after all, you are paying the price for purchasing the car.

LaPerm cat price depends on the breeder you are buying from, but you should make sure that when you are bringing a new kitten home, then it is healthy and won’t die on the spot. However, some common problems that a LaPerm cat would face are related to obesity. If you keep the cat healthy, by feeding it healthy and taking it out for walks, then LaPerm would be just fine. However, it all depends on you at the end.

laperm cat
laperm cat


The coat of a LaPerm cat breed is not hard to groom. You have to comb it at least once a week so that you can remove mats and tangles from its body. LaPerm doesn’t shed much hair. However, there are times when you would witness a massive shed, but after the shed, the cat’s fur becomes thicker.

The growing back of shed is not same for every LaPerm cat breed; some might never grow back, and this is mainly because of hormonal changes; this can change when it goes under a neuter surgery or after a spray.

You need to regularly trim the nails of LaPerm cat breed and clean its ears as well if they start to look dirty. You can use a cleanser, but you should ask your vet first, about what kind of soft lather would be needed for this purpose. You should brush LaPerm’s teeth on a regular basis, and you can also seek the advice of a vet, on which toothpaste to buy. This is less for the cat and more for you because you don’t want to smell bad breath when you pick up the cat and play with it.

A LaPerm cat breed is a cat that is fun to play and cuddle with.