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While beside common Breeds Of Kitties, the introduction of the Maine Coons, in fact, is unknown. Rather, they seemed during the crossing of trained shorthaired and longhaired cats brought by tradesmen from Asia Minor in Maine and other parts of New Britain at a time when registration of cats is not carried.

Breeds of kitties Perhaps that in those Maine Coon was in freedom and has their style on the appearance and habits, resembling raccoons. Both are distinguished by a long fur, as well as inter-breed cats are not uncommon color with tabby pattern, similar to a raccoon amplified. But any old registration data does not exist; Maine Coons to the end of the XIX century have been widespread in the eastern U.S. states. Many Maine Coons participated in the first New York exhibition of cats (1860) and it Maine Coon raccoon won the title Best in Show at Madison Square Garden’s in New York in 1895.

Soon following, still, concern in the breed almost died out continuously every formation in 1953 club Maine coon, committed to the renewal of interest in him and the organization of regular exhibitions of cats that breed. Maine coon went beyond the limits of the state, which gave it a name. It is well known and bred now everywhere in the United States and even in Europe.

I try to reduce to a pair of phrases, the oldest history of breeds of cats, probably, most of them would sound like this: the first representatives of the breed were found in England (in France) were then exported to the United States, where for many years breeders “have made the modern face of the rock. Cat, about which we talk now, is something totally different. This is a real Original American cat.

“Raccoon cat from the state of Maine – has long lived on farms and in its responsibility to fight with great rodents,” Raccoon cat from the State of Maine “

the first cat that was presented at the Cat Show in the United States in the late 19 v. On the first exhibition in Boston in January 1878 was submitted more than a dozen representatives of this breed, called in the publications of that time not only as “gentle giants”.

Letter from Mrs. Jackie Bdzhonness (Mrs. Jack Bjonness) to Mrs. Rhode Ldzhostad (Mrs. Rod Ljostad) defines a Maine Coon that time as follows: “snout more elongated than the domestic shorthair cat, the length of hair – about twice shorter than that Persian. High end tufted ears, like the ears lynx.

The cat is high on the legs, not compact, like a Persian, but no one will dare to call Maine Coon slim. They are extremely tough…. “Since that time started the” official “history of the breed, which is described in detail in numerous publications. The earlier history of the breed is shrouded in mystery.

Cats got on the American continent for a long time with the first ships from Europe. They are the descendants of those same ships cat that catches mice without which did not go to see any ship. In what century it was exactly – can only guess. Was it a cat or cat’s settlers, escaped after a shipwreck and feral – is anyone’s guess. History of cats, in this case, is closely intertwined with the history of the development of America.

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Unbelievable, but still several are likely to understand that those same cats, appearing in the American region, disagreed with the North American lynx. the forcible argument in inclination of the versions are known to everybody tassels on the ears), or even a raccoon (in favor of this version is part of the name “Coon» (rac (c) on; coon), which means “raccoon” and coat color, the color of raccoon fur.

A version is greatly passionate and attractive but has no ground under its feet because of species differences and the difficulty inters specific crosses. The second riddle breeds Maine Coon – long hair. As is known, the ships traveled mostly short-haired cats, woolly same adorn palaces, and luxury.

One legend tells that the breed Maine Coon is obliged to Marie-Antoinette. Captain Samuel was trying hard to prepare escape beleaguered queen of France in 1793. A ship full of things that the queen, known admirer of luxury, considered it necessary to seize the road: luxury furniture, costly gadgets, and six beloved cat’s queen. But fate decreed otherwise. Escape failed, the Queen was executed and the captain was forced to flee for fear of persecution.

This luxury cat disgraced Queen came to the Americas, where they found a new home and were taken into the society shorthair cat that arrived on the continent before. Another, but not the least bit romantic version tells us that there once was an English captain, who has the nickname “Raccoon” and the well-known fact that he adored cats and not to cruise without his purring suite.

On his ship inhabited by a lot of expensive cats, specially Persian and Angora. The captain traveled to the shores of America. People, who fell into the hands of kittens with this ship, understandably said “these kittens breed Maine Coon. This is a legend, but in general, we can say that the appearance of long-haired cats in the Americas due to the economic development of America.

The first settlers were very poor and they were, of course, accompanied by short-haired cats. With the development of the country, it becomes attractive to a growing number of very wealthy people, and their companions to the shores of New England are long-haired cats. It is their descendants began to render habitable the east coast and, of course, survived the stronger and more adapted individuals.