Do Maine Coon cats like water?

Maine Coon cats like water

Are you intrigued by the majestic Maine Coon, with its tufted ears, bushy tail, and large, captivating eyes? These gentle giants of the feline world have a unique relationship with water that sets them apart from their feline counterparts. Dive into the world of these fascinating creatures as we explore the curious truth behind the question: Do Maine Coon cats like water? Discover the captivating Maine Coon history, surprising genetics, and delightful anecdotes that reveal the deep connection between these enchanting felines and the aqueous element.

While many Maine Coons seem to enjoy the water, this is not true for all of them. Contrary to common misconceptions, most Maine Coons only appreciate water for drinking purposes. They may occasionally dip their paws into their water bowl, but the majority of Maine Coons are not fond of being submerged in a toilet bowl filled with water.

Reasons Why Maine Coons Cats Like Water

Maine Coon cats love water

Water-Resistant Fur and Unique Coat Adaptations

Maine Coon cats boast a dense, water-resistant coat that allows them to comfortably interact with water. Their fur consists of a soft, downy undercoat and longer, silky guard hairs that help repel moisture. These adaptations protect them from harsh weather conditions and make it easier for them to enjoy water-based activities.

 Ancestral Connections to the Maritime Environment

Maine Coons are believed to have originated from cats that travelled with seafarers, possibly Viking explorers or early American settlers and that is why termed Viking Ship cats. Their exposure to the maritime environment and working roles on ships could have contributed to their affinity for water. This historical connection to the sea might have shaped their genetics and water-loving nature.

 Natural Curiosity and Playful Behavior

The Maine Coon cat breed is known for its curious and playful nature. They enjoy exploring their surroundings and engaging in new experiences. Their fondness for water might be attributed to this inquisitive disposition, as they are more likely to indulge in water-related activities such as splashing, swimming, or even taking a shower with their human companions.

Maine coon playful behavior

Cat breeds that like water

Aside from Maine Coons, some other cat breeds are fascinated with water:

Turkish Van

Originating from the Lake Van region in Turkey, the Turkish Van is a strong swimmer and is often nicknamed the “swimming cat.” This breed is famous for its love of water, and they are frequently drawn to pools, bathtubs, and sinks. Their water-resistant, semi-long coat is perfect for a quick dry-off after a swim. Turkish Vans are also intelligent, energetic, and sociable, making them excellent companions for those who don’t mind the occasional splash.


The Savannah cat breed is a product of crossbreeding the wild African serval with a domesticated cat. These intelligent and gentle felines boast long necks, strikingly patterned coats, and large ears. Notably, Savannah cats also enjoy engaging in water play, adding a unique touch to their already impressive list of traits.


The Bengal cat is a hybrid breed, a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. These strikingly beautiful cats are known for their adventurous spirit and affinity for water. They enjoy playing in puddles, and water bowls, and even taking showers with their owners. With their striking coat patterns and love for the water, Bengals make a unique and entertaining addition to any household.


The Abyssinian, known for its elegant appearance and extroverted personality, is another breed that enjoys a good splash. These athletic cats are curious and intelligent, often finding creative ways to interact with water. They may turn on faucets, play with water toys, or simply enjoy a good drink straight from the tap. The Abyssinian’s love for water is not only entertaining but can also make bath time a breeze.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Hailing from Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cats are a sturdy breed with a thick, water-repellent coat designed to withstand harsh Nordic climates. These large, muscular cats are known to be good climbers and strong swimmers. Their love for water is believed to stem from their ancestors, who lived in dense forests near lakes and rivers. The Norwegian Forest Cat’s friendly, outgoing nature makes them a popular choice for families.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail, known for its unique tail and wild appearance, is a breed that enjoys water play. These cats are known for their intelligence, adaptability, and dog-like behaviours, including their affinity for water. While they may not dive into a swimming pool, they enjoy splashing in water bowls, playing with water toys, or taking a dip in the sink. The American Bobtail’s friendly and sociable nature makes them an excellent companion for families and individuals alike.

Why do some Cats Hate Water?

cats hate water

Some cat breeds don’t like water, and there are a few reasons for that. One reason is that their fur can get heavy when it’s wet, making it uncomfortable for them. Cats also rely on their sense of smell, and water can change the way things smell, which can be confusing. Lastly, cats are creatures of habit, and if they haven’t been around water much, they might be scared of the unfamiliar feeling. So, even though some cats may not enjoy the water, it’s just because it’s not something they are used to or find comfortable.

Can Maine Coon Cats Swim?

Maine Coon cat swimming

Although it may come as a surprise to many, Maine Coon cats possess a natural affinity for water and are capable of swimming. While not all Maine Coons may be eager to take the plunge, their water-resistant fur and powerful, muscular bodies enable them to be strong and adept swimmers when given the opportunity. These gentle giants are often fascinated by water and may enjoy splashing around, wading in shallow pools, or even fully immersing themselves in a swim. While it is not a universal trait, the Maine Coon’s ability to swim is a testament to their unique adaptability and the versatile nature of this captivating breed.

Do Maine Coon Cats Need Bath

Maine Coon Cats Need Bath

Bathing a Maine Coon cat is a lovely thought, as we wonder if these charming cats need our help to stay clean. Their thick, water-repelling fur keeps them tidy, as they explore the world with grace. Sometimes, though, we may need to step in and give them a gentle bath. In those moments, we share a special bond, caring for our beloved feline friends. When thinking about bathing a Maine Coon breed it’s important to remember they are natural habits and to make the experience a kind and loving one, joining together the best of nature’s wisdom and the warmth of our hearts.

Final Words

In conclusion, the enigmatic Maine Coon cats hold a deep-seated connection with water, a relationship that sets them apart in the feline kingdom. With their water-resistant fur, maritime ancestry, and curious nature, these gentle giants embrace the aquatic world in ways that are both captivating and endearing. As we continue to explore and understand the unique qualities of these magnificent creatures, we find ourselves drawn even closer to them, appreciating the extraordinary bond that exists between Maine Coons and the watery element. The question “Do Maine Coon cats like water?” ultimately unravels an inspiring tale of adaptability, evolution, and the fascinating world of our beloved feline companions.