Maine Coon – the subject of American pride

Maine Coon - the subject of American pride

Maine Coon – the subject of American pride. And they can understand. This is a great breed of cats! From Okay, tightly folded Maine Coo with his lynx ears and tail blowing neutrachennoy freshness healthy wildlife.

He stayed the way it was created by nature. Before this miracle is an amazing balance of proportions and forms, a person experiences a delight. No one had not occurred to change anything in this breed. And very well, what’s to come. Sin improve perfection.


Maine Coon is one of the oldest breeds in North America. Powerful cat with short hair is not, but not very long appeared in the homes of American settlers in the middle of the last century, first in the northeast United States. In the context of a fairly severe winter in Maine, shorthaired animals, in general, could not survive. And if you pay attention to the soft warm fur on the legs, which prevents them from freezing in the snow on a warm fuzz that protects the ears from frost, it becomes clear that it’s still a child of a local nature. Good hunters Maine Coo could in due time stop the reproduction of the mice in the fast-growing cereal farms of New England. But they soon showed themselves in a completely different role. Maine Cones the first purely American breed that appeared in the cat shows in the world.

Maine Coon. History of legends. If you listen to what they say in the north-eastern areas of the US, it is possible to combine these stories into three legends explaining the origin of the Maine Coon.

Legend fantastic. The first settlers who discovered and tamed the Maine Coon believed that they were the result of a love flirting usual European cat with a raccoon. The English word for raccoon, indeed there is the word “kun”. Hence, there was “meynsky (Maine) coon” – Maine Coon.

Legend romantic. The ancestors of the Maine Coon cats were living in the apartments of Marie Antoinette French Queen. During the French Revolution, the queen decided to flee to America. His most precious things, including cats, she gave a certain Captain Samuel Cloud, who was secretly in love with. Captain, a native of the town of Wiscasset, Maine, brought back the treasures of the Queen. Royal cat made friends with local and established themselves without knowing it, a new breed – Maine Coon.

Legend mysterious. In the old days along the coast of New England, he sailed on his boat captain named Coon. He lived in a cabin of the cat and the cat, Persian and angora. When the ship anchored, and the team went out to the shore, the captain issued a walk and their pets. The everywhere ship went Kuhn eventually were born kittens. So it can only take my hat off and say, “Thank you, Captain-kun!”

The end of the legend – the beginning of history. Exhibitions. Since 1860 exhibitions held in the north-eastern regions of the United States, all the prizes were divided among the most beautiful representatives of the breed. And it is more widely accepted in 1895: on the main American exhibition at Madison Square Garden title of “Best Cat” ( “Best Cat”) went to the Maine Coon named Cousy.

Despite rapid initial success in the following years, the Maine Coons had almost been forgotten, as the beginning of the century fashion in America imported steel, particularly Persian cats. The return came only in 1953 when it was created in the US Central club Maine Coon lovers. In 1968 he created the Association of Maine Coon lovers in the United States. These two clubs have done a lot of work to popularize the breed and its standards are defined. In 1976, after more than a hundred years after the first appearance at exhibitions, for Maine Coons officially recognized the right to participate in competitions and exhibitions in North America. US kotofily were very pleased with this decision, it certainly affected the emotional strings of their national pride. Governing Council of the Cat lovers, whose headquarters are in London, officially recognized the Maine Coon only Feb. 24, 1988. In France, the distribution of this breed began in 1981 when German first cat named Charlie was introduced. Since then, the Maine Coon is sure to find more and more admirers in France. This is mainly young people, adjacent to the fighters for the protection of nature. It attracts as a natural aspect of this animal and his gentle and kind disposition.

Having a powerful physique, Maine Coons of inherently hefty good-natured. They do not hurt any dog or child. And easily trainable, especially at an early age. Although not aggressive, they are to a certain extent, to the point that does not hurt their dignity, allow yourself to caress and squeeze. In short, we can say that this breed is distinguished by intelligent behavior both in relation to the people around them as well as to animals.

They are very strongly attached to the person and its owner is able to follow a “step in the step.” To master in Maine Coon own unique call, he can call, in a special way by modulating his voice.

Maine Coon does not require special care! Comb with wide teeth – a common tool to occasionally tidy up his hair. It is not recommended to bathe him often, but before participating in the exhibition it is necessary to do.

As a large animal, Maine Coon gaining full force only to the four-five years. In order to properly formed bone, kittens should be given food supplements containing calcium. The normal weight of 6-9 kg adult cat, cats 4-6 kg. Weight Maine Coon can reach 18 kilograms!

Cats feature is that the gestation period lasts 65 days, as usual, and 68 days. Tightly folded mother gave birth without difficulty and is surrounded by exemplary love and affection of their kittens Maine Coon (they are born from one to six, and sometimes eight, and they are of a different color).

Without much to take bright, but elegant, with good wool and at the same time not requiring special care for her, having wildly appearance, but gentle, like a bear, the Maine Coon has all the qualities to be loved.