Get a Scottish fold Cat (2023) – Enjoy this little Creature

Scottish fold cat



Known to be one of the rarest breeds among domestic cats, Scottish fold is one type of cat, whom you will live like your kid. Extensively cute in nature, they have shorter hind legs and it enjoys a sitting posture, which makes it look like an owl. Many times, they are sensed to be a hybrid breed of cats, which looks exactly like a baby owl, when it sits down. They put their front legs, as you find usually in a cat, but hide the neck within and fold their ears. They are more round shaped and they have round eyes, unlike the other cats. All these make it looks like a perfect cute owl when it sits down.

With small details stated above, you must have developed a wish to know more about these timid habited cats. Here is a detail of its nature, its feelings, personality and of course its biological details.

General Biology

Male Scottish fold weighs around 9 to 13 pounds, whereas the females are usually around 6-9 pounds. So, they are tiny little creatures fond of human love. These human-friendly kittens do have an average lifespan of around 15 years and they maintain good health in them too. The hind legs of this little fellow are shorter than that of other cats. With their smaller legs hidden inside their body, they fold their ears, wide expand their round eyes and hide their neck inside their chest – this makes a feeling on a sudden that they are a mix of owls and cats.

They come with more or less body hair and their body hair complexion can be of a different look and feel. Near to five or six categories of hair, complexion has been found in the segment of Scottish fold.


Scottish Fold


Why is it named a Scottish Fold?

This is the question of many and the answer to the question is also simple. These cats can fold their ears and hence they are called “fold”. On the other side, the first of this breed has been seen in Scotland in the year 1961. Hence they are called the Scottish Fold. Here, another question is often asked too. Why do the cats fold their ear? The reason why cannot be sensed from biological means, except the word from the experts only state about a syndrome of breeding. However, the practical sense that can be derived from the Scottish fold personality of these cats about their folded ears is very much complex. While folding their ears, they often make a variety of sounds, with their ear-bones only. Some experts do have noticed that, while doing such, they are making some alternative communications with others and even human.

Detailed view about the nature of Scottish Fold

This is the most important part of the entire detail, at least for any cat lovers. The breed can be any to them, looks also can be different and distinctive among the cats – but the cuddling nature of the cats, the Scottish fold personality makes all the difference. In fact, it is the personality of a pet that makes it different from everything and that is the exact reason, why people fond of pets. Here are the different delicate features of this Scottish fold. You will definitely love to have one, once you get through its nature.


Scottish fold personality

Scottish fold personality

Attention-Seeking Antics of Scottish Folds

  • Its sitting posture is its habit, but to get attention is its best habit. It will do everything to beg attention from you. It can scratch the floor like a puppy. Like a puppy only, it will lie flat on the floor, with all its four limbs spread wide at four directions. At times, it will lie down with its back and put all its limbs up in the air. This is the best way of its attention seeking, where it remains laid down like a stone, pretending something to you.
  • They are lap lovers, but will not disturb you that much. Once you get back from your workplace, it will just wish a hug and your lap. If you bend down a bit and give it a pity hug, it will feel more than happy – as if the world has been won by it. When you watch a TV program share your lap for it, it will do everything to make you feel that it is your own kid.
  • They love treasure toys a bit more and can play with them for hours, but will put a glance on you with its round eyes, every five minute or so. In one word, its nature is meticulous on you and its demand is only one thing – attention every time. For this reason, you cannot leave it home alone for hours. The best sorrow it finds is during that time.

Folds with Kids and Other Pets

  • Among the other Scottish fold personality, they love to play with kids and your kid will soon feel it be its own mate. So much caring and so much loving they are for your kids that your kid might pull out themselves from all other mates and wait for the kitten.
  • Scottish fold is also very much friendly to other members and it loves to remain intimate with more than one member in your house. They are also quite good to mix up with dogs. Hence, if you are having a cat-loving dog at your home, your time will pass one like magic while watching the chemistry between those two pets.
  • One last thing to be mentioned here is bad behavior to it. It doesn’t like that at all and if shown continuously, it will bog down itself and will feel sorrow to reach your family.

After learning all about the kittens, you would be searching for a Scottish Fold. Note here that you will have to pay at around 100 bugs more for them. A Scottish fold cat price kitten will cost around 1000 to 1500 dollars and about maintenance, they need little body care as compared to others. So, the extra amount you will be paying for them will be adjusted later on. Hence, no need to think about those things. You will love its nature and its care for you. All the things are for you when you provide just a little bit of affection to it.