Gold Maine Coon Cat in 2023 – Facts, Price, and Personality

gold maine coon

Gold Maine coon Cat: Dive into Its Captivating Character.

The term “gold Maine Coon” refers to a color variation of the Maine Coon cat breed. Maine Coon cats come in various colors and patterns, and gold is one of the recognized colors.

Gold Maine Coon cats have a coat coloration that can range from lighter golden shades to deeper, more intense gold tones. These cats are admired for their striking appearance.









golden mainecoon

The gold version of the Maine Coon, which are available in an abundance of colors and patterns, is particularly appealing. In-depth analysis of the gold Maine Coon’s sub-colors, longevity, adaptability, health problems, cost, and care are covered in this article.

Maine Coon’s Gold Sub-Colors

In Maine Coons, the term “gold” is frequently used to refer to a variety of colors that lie between yellow and reddish-brown. These can be grouped generally into:


















Sub Colors Description
Solid Golden:

A solid gold color that is homogeneous and free of any patterns or marks.

Golden Tabby:  Displays the traditional tabby pattern with the color gold as the accent. Further classifications include the mackerel, traditional, spotted, and ticking tabby patterns.
Golden Tortoiseshell: A mixture of gold and spots of various colors, frequently black or blue, is known as a golden tortoiseshell.
Golden Shaded: The fur is a lighter gold with darker gold tips.



The average lifespan of a Maine Coon is 12 to 15 years, however some cats live to be ripe old age of 20.

Genetics, nutrition, environment, and medical treatment all have an impact on how long they live. Gold When given the right care and attention, Maine Coons, like their counterparts in other colors, may live long, healthy lives.


gold mainecoon




It is well known that Maine Coons are adaptable. They are native to the northeastern United States, and as seen by their thick, water-resistant fur, have developed to tolerate colder climes.

The thick-coated gold Maine Coon is no exception. This coat enhances their majestic look in addition to provide insulation.

These cats can adjust to their surroundings as well. A gold Maine Coon may easily adapt to any living situation, providing they have enough room to wander around, whether you live in an apartment or a home with a backyard.

They are great family pets since they are gregarious beings who get along with kids and other animals.


Health Concerns

Although Maine Coons are mostly healthy cats, they are prone to the following health problems:

HCM: Heart muscle thickens abnormally in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a genetic disease. Early detection may be aided by routine vet visits.

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA): Despite seeming serious, SMA has little impact on the longevity or general well-being of cats. Muscle wasting is a hereditary disorder, yet afflicted cats can adapt and have normal lives.

Joint Issues: Maine Coons can occasionally experience joint issues, particularly hip dysplasia, as a result of their big size.

It’s essential to get a gold Maine Coon from an established breeder that conducts screenings for these and other genetic disorders.


golden mainecoon



Is Golden Maine Coon Rare?

Yes, in comparison to other color variants of the breed, the gold Maine Coon is regarded as being quite unusual.

While there are many other shades and patterns of Maine Coons, the gold or golden color is less typical than, the tabby, black Maine coon, or white varieties.

The genetics of the hue may be used to explain the gold Maine Coon’s rarity. It takes careful matching of parent cats with the appropriate genetic indicators to generate the desired gold offspring as part of the breeding process to obtain and retain this precise color.

Gold Maine Coons may cost more than Maine Coons of more common colors because of their scarcity and the particular breeding needed to obtain the gold color.


Based on elements including history, breeder repute, region, and specific sub-color, the cost of a gold Maine Coon can vary significantly. The typical price range for a kitten is between $7,00 and $2,000.

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Even greater values can be obtained for sub-colors from champion lines or rare sub-colors.

How to care?

The upkeep of a gold Maine Coon doesn’t differ significantly from that of other Maine Coons. Observations are as follows:

  • Grooming: To prevent matting, their long, thick hair has to be groomed often. It’s enough to brush them two to three times every week. Daily brushing may be required during shedding seasons.




  • Balanced Diet: Make sure they eat a healthy, balanced diet. They could need more food than the normal cat because of their bigger size, but be careful not to overfeed.


  • Exercise: They are lively and energetic cats. Make sure kids have plenty of toys and participate in interactive playtime.


  • Check-Ups: Regular vet checks can help to guarantee the early identification of any potential health problems.




The gold Maine Coon is an unforgettable combination of beauty, elegance, and charm, to sum up. They are a popular among cat lovers because of their golden coloring and sweet nature.

While the gold Maine Coon is indeed a stunning feline, it’s essential to remember that their rarity can sometimes lead to higher prices from reputable breeders.

There’s no doubting the charm of the gold Maine Coon, whether you’re thinking of adding one to your household or are just an admirer.