Persian cat

These are the most famous cats when it comes as a docile pet. Although the history for the cat is not much briefed, it is believed to have come from Persia. The long thick fur is the beauty of the cat as it showcases much larger than it is owing to the fur. It is an old breed which can be found in mainly two types. The show breed and the traditional kind. When it comes to the show breed, these have thick fur with a round face. The eyes are bright with variety in colors. These have short legs and body whereas the atop boning is heavy. Similarly, for the traditional one, these are known to have a normal nose but possess a doll face. These are loved because of their thick coat which needs grooming regularly.

These are quiet pets and love playing along with children. Owing to their features, they are enjoyed by the toddlers. These love bathing in the sun and are quite lazy. So if you are planning on having one you need to be particular about their health and exercise. These are soft pets and express more through their beautiful eyes.

These cats have attributes similar to that of kittens and love cuddling. They can live on their own but having someone around them makes them happy. You can readily acknowledge if the cat is a Persian cat or not by following the eminent traits they have!

Persian cat facts

persian cat facts
persian cat facts

Fur– The fur of the cats is thick and long which makes it more significant than it is. The coat is silky and shimmers due to which it requires regular grooming. If you want to control the jacket from matting, you can even trim the fur as others do and it is recommended by the vet.

Nature– These are silent and will tend to stay at a place for a longer time. They are not energetic, but they love being involved in toy games. These are prominently known as “Furniture with Fur” due to this habit of theirs.

Colour– The color of the coat for these cats come in variable colors. But these do not occur in mixed colors. The most common ones amongst the many are solid silver, black, white, blue, etc.

Lifetime– The average lifetime for these cats is 12 years.

Size– Their weight ranges from 8-12 lbs.

Shedding– Since their fur is long, they have a high tendency to drop.

Eyes– Their expressive eyes come in variable colors of copper, blue (which is most common), Hazel, green and odd-eyed.

It is decidedly less known of the Persian cat fact that they were the first ones which were showcased in the world’s cat show. These do not require high maintenance and are the first pedigreed breed in cats.

Persian cat personality

Persian cat personality

Persian cat personality

The cat is known for its friendly nature as is loves hanging around with people. These are suitable for adjustments in apartments as they are quiet and enjoy relaxing around. They like cuddling. The kitty nature of theirs make them more loving, and you will not have to dress them up as their fur does that for them. These are worth companions you can travel along with since due to their genre these are known more as a traveler breed.

Health issues

Similar to the other breeds this one also has various hereditary health issues for which you should have detailed information from the breeder. As the traits of health issues are known to the breeder. Apart from it, the general health issues with the Persian cat are-

  1. Diseases like polycystic kidney disease (heredity problem in the kidney found during the 7th or 10th year), progressive retinal atrophy (it is related to sight issues this can happen at an early age like within a year of birth), bladder stone, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can be seen to by the breeder and can be cured. So when you purchase your cat confirm about these common traits of health issues about them.
  2. These flat faced pets are sensitive to heat but do not have any related breathing issues.
  3. Obesity- It is the possibility that general cats of this breed suffer due to lack of exercise. So, in case you have one see to its exercising habits. Check the around the tummy to verify if it is turning obese or not.


Although these cats are easy to maintain, but they require high maintenance. They should be bathed weekly and after bath blows their fur dry. Comb their hair daily as they will get tangled if not done so. Brush their teeth regularly from the recommended paste by your vet. Although the cat does not cry much but see to it that there are no stain marks around the eyes of the cat.

Although these cats do not have any specific diet plan, for this breed, you can get selective pedigrees from the store around. In case you seek to be more specific about your pet’s health consult the vet.

Persian cat price

Since these cats are available worldwide. Many pet houses have availability of the Persian cat. The cost of these cats depends upon the color of the fur. For the preferred colors, they are costly whereas for the other general ones they are average in price. On a general, a Persian cat will cost you $500 to $700.

But if you are purchasing your cat from the breeder or authorized pet house see to it that the kitten is healthy and you know the facts and the traits about the kitten. You can also have this breed of cat from the rescue center.