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British Shorthair

This breed of cat is known for its original personality. It loves staying around with the family and its owner apart from it they do not sit on your lap but prefer staying by your feet. These British Shorthair cats are welcoming pets and will follow you around your house. During their early kitten phase, they teach in various physical activities, but over their maturity time, they lack physical attributes. These are moderately active. They do not like being carried around and are considered to be the first pedigreed cats that were exhibited in the cat show.

These cats are considered to hold history from Britain after the second world war. These are muscular breeds and possess a solid appearance. The roundness in this breed is sturdy which includes even its tail. These are more of a reserved kind in nature and will not come close to you once you show affection. Now within this breed, British longhaired has also come up wherein the only difference is that the fur is long. The most common kind in the British shorthair family is the British blue which has a blue colored coat. Apart from it, the British Shorthair is known to have layers in variable colors.

British Shorthair  Appearance

British Shorthair Appearance

These are good with children, but apart from it these are at times matched up with the garden cats. The coat of the cat is dense, and due to its appearance, it looks more like a teddy bear. The common traits which can be found in these cats are-

Appearance– It has around presence with a square body, and the chest is broad. The tail has a rounded tip and is thick in appearance. The coat is plush which makes it lovely watching it roll around. The round head has a short nose.

Colour– Although the blue color is most common, but apart from it, the color of the coat comes in variable colors like calico, bi-color, tortoiseshell, white, cream, black and even tabby pattern.

Lifespan– The average lifespan of these cats is considered to be 12 to 17 years.

Size– The male weighs 12 to 20 lbs in comparison to the female which weighs 8 to 14 pounds. But the males look more significant in comparison to the female breed.

Training– These cats can be trained quickly and are good with kids and other pets in the house. Since their energy level is moderate, so they do not come under the category of destructors.

Eyes– The cat has round eyes with colors in gold, copper, blue and odd-eyed.

Shredding– These do not shred much and require grooming twice a week to keep away the dead hair on the coat.

Health issues related to the British Shorthair

Health issues related to the British Shorthair

Health issues related to the British Shorthair

The best part about this breed is they have a larger living span in comparison to the other cats. But as yet there are no particular diseases marked for these cats. They might have obesity or diabetes if their exercise is not regulated during the later ages. Apart from it sometimes there has been only registered issues relating to breathing problems and bleeding gums. So if you find any of these symptoms you can consult the vet.

British shorthair personality

British shorthair personality

British shorthair personality

These pets are considered to be a bit high headed wherein the female breed is more severe in comparison to the male. But still, they are loving towards their masters and enjoy following them around. As they grow older, they like being carried around and turn out to be lazy. It is during that time that the possibility of them being obese is definite. These are counted as smiling cats and long for your attention as the other pets do. These love interactions and play along well with interactive toys. These are not demanding pets but have a nature more like happy to go lucky. These are good observers and can accompany you even during your reading time or if you are watching a TV.

British Shorthair breeders

Most of the breeders breed these short hair cats in the household. Many British Shorthair breeders strains them for championships and cat shows. But if you are planning on having a British Shorthair cat for your own prefer having a kitten. Since having a kitten will be easier to regulate and the as you clean their litter you can discipline them for the future. There are various breeders available from whom you can take up a pet for yourself but consider having met at least one of the parents to know the temperament of the kitten. While finalizing your purchase see to it that none of the parents have tested to have been suffered from HCM popularly known as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is a severe kind of heart disease. If any of the parents have suffered from it, do not purchase that kitten even if the breeder affirms that the kitten is healthy.

Grooming of the cat

These cats do not require high maintenance. Regular combining will be needed during the spring as it is their shedding phase apart from if they need weekly combing. See to it that their nails are cut and they are clean. They do not expect to be cleaned regularly. They prefer staying indoors and need regular brushing for the rest pay a visit to the vet. If you are into wiping your cat with wet cotton balls or cloth see to it that you have different material for the body and the eyes so that they do not catch up the infection.

British shorthair price

British shorthair cats come in handy, and they do cost much. The average cost of a healthy kitten is $1500 to $ 2000. Always go for kittens who are older than at least 12 to 16 weeks as these will be the healthy ones. You can even go on for the adoption of these cats from the rescuers or shelter houses.

Hopefully, now you are aware of the facts relating to the British Shorthair. If you are looking for more disciplined pets in your household, you must get along with the breed.