Bengal cat

Bengal cat

If you are looking for attention seeking pets which are a bit naughty and register their presence around their area of stay, then you can get along with the Bengal cat. These cats are the mixed breed of Asian leopard with the domestic cats. The spotted large boned; short-haired cats are preferable but not for the ones who stay alone and are planning on having their first pet. These cats are highly active and require regular interaction. If you cannot give much of your time, see to it that you bring two Bengal cats at your home. This is an intelligent breed and is highly active. Similar to the leopard it reaches out for height and is quiet with its paws. Watching birds for these cats is a constant hobby, and they love loitering outdoors. The nails require trimming often, and for the fur, since it is short, it is easier to groom them.

Bengal cat  characteristics

Bengal cat characteristics

Similar to the dogs these cats can be trained with the tricks all you need to do is spend quality time with them. As they do not love taking naps. Their favorite time is hanging around the exteriors and fetching. These cats come into consideration by reviewing their common characteristics. If you are looking out to be an owner for a Bengal cat, you should be aware of the following characteristic facts about them-

Colour- The leopard patch is evident about these cats apart from it the color of the coat can vary. The skin can be found in colors like brown, rust, golden, ivory, orange or even buff. Charcoal black, cocoa is few other trait colors that can be seen in these cats. The coats are decorated with various kind of marking wherein the base of the color is different from the marks.

Eyes- The eyes of the cats are wide and sparking. They have a dark outline to their eyes which surmises like a mascara.

Ears- The ears for the cats are small and rounded

Appearance- Its appearance is wild wherein its hinder legs are more significant than its front legs. They are quick movers. These are active cats and are athletic.

Texture- The texture of the coat is soft wherein its fur is dense. The spots found in these cats are random, and there is no specific disclosure for the pattern they possess. The hair has the glittering appearance, and the contrast of the spots with the background makes it appealing which is liked by its buyers.

Size- The weight of a male Bengal cat is 10 to 15 lbs whereas for the female gender it is 8 to 12 pounds.

Life- For a healthy cat, the average expected lifetime ranges from 10- 16 years.

With these cats, the other cat which aligns with the Bengal cat is the snow Bengal cat. The genes of these cats are recessive as during their breeding program they undergo through the crossing of a gene pool. The Bengal cats have in them the recessive gene which can result into snow Bengal tiger. In a general Snow, Bengal tigers are considered to have been existed from the fourth generation. These are supposed to live in the Siamese gene pool wherein the change is believed to have resulted from the albino gene.

The personality of these cats

bengal cat price
bengal cat price

In spite of a little wildness, these cats are adorable. These are not delicate and have a healthy muscular body, so they generally exercise a lot. The typical personality traits found in these cats are-

Sleeping time- There is no definite sleeping time for these cats. As they sleep by the physical activity, they have taught the whole day. For most of the pet owners, it has been reported that they rarely see their cat sleeping. But it is normal behavior. If you find a variation in the sleeping time of your cat, then you should surely pay a visit to the vet.

Activity- These cats have a sharp memory and do not like being indoors. If they are left out at a single location with nobody to attend to, they will have the place upside down and will not go to the same place the whole week. These are good climbers so love games like fetching and reach out for heights.

Attention- Yes, they love the care of their owners. If you have children in your house, they are affectionate towards kids, but they prefer staying around with older kids. They always seek escape routes when it comes to playing along with the toddlers.

Shower- Yes the cat is not hydrophobic, and they love playing with water.

bengal cat breeders
bengal cat breeders

If you are planning on purchasing Bengal kittens, you should prefer the little ones so that you can groom them according to your requirement. Get the purchase from the Bengal cat breeders they will provide you with healthy Bengal kittens. Since these cats are now accepted universally, so the license for selling these cats is no more a necessity. Apart from it even if you purchase the cat from the registered Bengal cat breeders least have a look of one of the parents for the kitten, it will help you adjudge the temperament of the Bengal kitten for the future.

Health issues involved with the cat-

bengal kittens
bengal kittens

For the cats, they have more possibility of general health diseases. So you should take Bengal kittens from the authentic and appropriate Bengal cat breeders so that you are aware of the facts involved with your cat. The few of the common health problems related to this breed are-

    Kidney disease- They tend to develop polycystic illness of the kidney.

    Infection- There are various infections like trichomonas fetus, protozoal or feline peritonitis which can be regulated during the early stages by the breeder, so it is advised to purchase the cat from the reputed ones.

    Distal neuropathy- it tends to take place in the early stages of the kittens’ life, but they recover on their own.

    Hip dysplasia- it can cause lameness to your cat. So if you see any changes in the physical activity of your pet consult the vet.

Grooming activities which will help you get affection from your cats-

snow bengal cat
snow bengal cat

Brushing- You need to get their teeth cleaned by the vet’s subscribed toothpaste.

They are grooming- Since they do not shred much so, you can comb their fur twice weekly and see to it that they are clean.

Trimming- Their nails require cutting and see to it that the ears are clear and there is no trait of infection.

It is the only cat which has effectively reached out to the fourth generation. While feeding them prefer more of a grain-free diet.

Bengal cat price

Bengal cat price

Bengal cat price

These cats do not come cheap. The cost of the cat varies from one breeder to the other. The value of the cats differs from one generation to the other. For a generation one cat, it may cost you from $1500- $2000. Whereas for the age 2 and generation 3 kittens of the breed you will have to pay from $1500 to $5000. If you are looking out for a grownup cat, then you can get the cats on a cheaper rate from the Bengal cats rescues.

With your choices come the selectiveness. So if you are looking out for an active companion who can work along with you, then you can go for the Bengal tiger. But remember the more significant the place with more of height which can be reached out to — the best for your cat.