Siamese cat

Siamese cat

These are the oldest breed of domestic cats. These are considered to be the most recognizable cats in the world. The existence of the cats is still a mystery. This holds an ancient life, and earlier they were considered to be sacred. From the various manuscripts, it is believed that the earlier origins of the cat were from Thailand. These were more previously seen in Europe during 1871 and later came up to America. These are affectionate towards humans, but when it comes to choices, they prefer settling for a single owner rather than a whole family. These are considered to be intelligent and are talkative. These cats love the company and if you cannot stay back in house prefer having a pair of Siamese cat. These will never let you feel bored as they fill in every detail which took place during your absence.

Siamese Cat Appearance

siamese cat appearance
siamese cat appearance

These are readily acknowledged owing to their dark extremities which can be found on the light coats. These are demanding cats and will keep along with you the whole day. It has a tubular kind of appearance and is considered to be a royal cat. It is quick with the tricks and is better of a trainer in itself. It can train the people what it expects from them. These are smart loveable cats and are considered royal because of their appearance. The priests in Asia pamper these since they hold a belief that the cat received the soul of the royal family which passed away.

If you are planning on taking up Siamese kittens, you should be aware of the following facts about the cat.

Weight– the male gender of these cats weigh 9- 15 lbs whereas for the females it is 6-12 lbs.

Lifespan– the expected living period for these cats are considered to be 15- 20 years and there have been cats who have survived more than this.

Body type– The cat has a fine appearance. The show type of Siamese cat has a tubular body with long legs, the head is a wedge in shape, and the ears are triangular in appearance whereas the traditional Siamese are considered to be apple headed and have a round body. Both the cats have a long tail.

The color-the contrasting color is their distinctive feature. The coat comes in variable shades of Chocolate, seal, blue, red, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, cream. It is considered that the contrasting colors are due to their genes and more than that the. They have pigments which result in albinism, and it is owing to this that a change in temperature can result in a change in color of their coat. With a temperature below 100 degrees, its color of the skin will drop back to as it was. It is a fascinating fact about these cats.

Vocal– These are known for their vocal attributes.

Eyes– The cat has round eyes and comes in only blue color.

Shed– The tendency to drop in these cats is low, and their coat is smooth so require less of grooming

Siamese cat personality

Siamese cat personality

Siamese cat personality

The intelligence of the cat is recommendable. It is not as beautiful as the other cats in the market. But these tend to lead as they walk and can be trained easily for the variable tricks. She seeks affection and gets adjusted in the family household. Since they have a muscular body so even if they put on the slightest of weight it will be prominently visible. It is a lap cat and loves reaching out for heights. It has a few of its behavior which is a dog-like and is not an aloof breed. Apart from this, they are highly active. At the time their loudness is annoying, but they are lovely for a companion to have. These tend to get involved in any activity and love sunbathing.

Health issues with Siamese kittens

Although there is no registered concern relating to their health. But still, there are mild issues which can encounter with your cat. They tend to develop dental and respiratory problems. Bladder stone and glaucoma (a kind of eye disease) have been found in these cats. So if you are planning to purchase go for Siamese kittens as it will be easier for you to protect them from such diseases. Most of the illnesses involved with the breed can be regulated if you keep its health under check and the weight is controlled.

Grooming of the Siamese cat-

These cats do not require high maintenance. You can comb the fur weekly and trim their nails which need after 15 days on an average. Since the periodontal diseases are common in this breed so have their teeth brushed regularly and had their health checked through the vet on regular intervals.

The choice for the Siamese kittens

While opting for the breeder look for one who has had health certification for these cats and is reputed. As most of the generic diseases inculcate in the breed during their breeding which can be regulated. These Siamese kittens love socializing, but if they are barred from socializing in their early phases, they might face issues later. The appropriate time for purchasing a Siamese kitten is only once it turns at least six weeks old. So know what you are buying before you bring a pet home.

Siamese cat price

These cats do not cost much in comparison to the others. If you reach out for breeders who hold a reputation a healthy Siamese kitten would cost, you around $250 to $500. Whereas if you take up cats from a shelter house or rescue group, they would cost you $120.

So if you are longing for a companion you can play along and talk to these are the best choice for you. There may be times when their vocal can be irritating to you, but these are more of a companion cat and are loyal and affectionate. So you can take up these loving pets in your household.