Maine coon cat names

maine coon cat names

Most if not all of us love the company of cats. We, therefore, end up keeping them in your houses as pets and most of all friends. The big challenge, however, is deciding on which breed to adopt among the hundreds of them at your disposal. If you are thinking of the Maine coon cat breed, then you are with na o doubt making the right choice. Do not turn back or be swayed by people’s comments. Hurry and get your kitten quickly!

Maine coon cats are one of the most beautiful purebred cats. They are affectionate and are always craving for your company. These cats have a thick tail and long, luxurious coat. Their eyes are striking, and they possess a charismatic personality. You should not forget that this breed of cats is of royal ance,try and they trace their roots back to Queen Marie Antoinette’s 6. However, there have been several stories regarding their origin, and the most popular is that the Maine coon cat was a cross breed between a raccoon and a cat, it most likely a cross breed between domestic short-haired cats and wild long hair cats. Their origin country is the state of Maine just as their name suggests.

One challenge is solved by settling on the breed of cat to adopt, that is the Maine coon cat. The next problem is finding a name for your pet. Be it a male or female cat. Finding a cute name is a hustle. You do not want to give your pet cat a name that will be phased out very fast or just pick a meaningless title. Pet names are usually given as per his or her personality; some with historical meanings and others are named after favorite places friends among other things. You may set some guidelines when choosing the names such as short words with fewer syllables, names that are not familiar to the cat such as stand, come and sit among others.

Here we try to bring in to light some of the names for Maine coon cats.

Maine Coon Cat Names Male

Just like normal boys who tend to be bossy, male cats are of no exception. They tend to be bossy and outgoing as compared to their female counterparts.

Here is a list of the most popular Maine coon cat names male.


They have a unique ability to steal your heart


Named after a Greek Mythological god who is believed to be the one holding the earth on his shoulders.


A name that would make everyone happy.


Named after the wise mentor who helped the Jungle Boy. From the book, the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling’s.


Named after a particular ghost, fits well for White cats.


An emperor. The cat may act as a real emperor due to his fur.


Mainly used for orange cats. Chester may also use here.


Has the habit of grabbing scraps that may fall on the floor. Hoover may used in place of the looper


For cats with an extra toe or merely a relatively bigger foot.


Excellent name for a wise cat. The name of the smartest man the world has had.


For a dictator like a cat.


For a loving and beautiful cat. Based on the novel Romeo and Juliet.


For a cat with excellent acting skills.

Maine coon cat names female

Most of the females do not tend to be bossy and just like ladies and small girls; they will fall in love with simple, cute names. They include:

  1. Mona Lisa

    For those who love painting, you may name your cat after this famous painting.

  2. Amber

    It is a hard, translucent resin. Mainly yellowish in color.

  3. Peaches

    Named after the sweet yellow fruit.

  4. Confetti

    Named after small pieces of beautifully colored papers.

  5. Lily

    Used if the cat is big, fierce and graceful similar to an animal tiger.

  6. Cinderella

    Named after the favorite Cinderella character from a French story. It merely means little ashes.

  7. Jasmine

    Named after a beautiful and scented flower or a favorite character in the Aladdin story.

  8. Alice

    Used for noble cats. Also named after a famous character from wonderland.

  9. Hera

    Derived from the Hercules story and who was also Zeus’s wife.

  10. Anna

    Derived from an outstanding character in the movie “Frozen.”

  11. Abigail

    Derived from the Abigail Gabble character in The Aristocats.

Other famous Maine coon cat names include the following:

Phantom:    Suitable for a cat who likes going out and wondering about alone.

Hershey:    Means affectionate. They are given to cats that show affection to their owners.

Godiva: is Given to solid cats.

Beelzebub:    Given to cats that are not loved so much at their homes or by their owners.

Midnight:    Midnights are believed to be very dark. This name is suitable for dark cats.

Morticia:    Based on a famous fictional character, the Undertaker.

Yuudai:     Best for a heroic cat.

Apple:    For a kitten that likes eating a lot. You may also call it Melon.

Herb:    For an excellent laid back cat.

Shadow:    For the most mischievous cats.

From the above Maine coon cat names, you may decide to pick one and use it for your Maine coon cat be it male or female. When choosing a name, go for one that pleases you and those around you. You may select it on your own, or it may be a decision for your entire family.

You should also check out to see that the cat recognizes the name as his or hers and is comfortable about it. The name you give your cat just like any human name is used for the rest of his or her life. The title should therefore not be phased out fast, and it should also bring out its intended meaning even after the kitten grows. Ensure that you train the cat that the name is his or her new identity by using it regularly on him or her.